Maybe you want a subtle pink diamond, with a hue so subdued that it might take a double take to notice that this is no ordinary diamond.  Perhaps you are tired of diamonds hogging all of the glory in the world of engagement rings and you are interested in picking a pink sapphire to don your beloved’s finger. 

2.00 CT Pink Diamond Engagement RingMaybe you want a deep pink color that will infuse femininity and grace into an engagement ring regardless of the technical details of the stone.  Whatever road is right for you, there is no doubt that the market for pink engagement rings is growing.  When it comes to pink engagement rings, there are all sorts of choices beyond what you would usually have available.  From which pink material you want, to the cut, to the band, and to how you want to present its meaning to your future fiancée and to others, there is much to be decided. 

Pink is often considered the color of ladies, innocence, gentleness, balance, and happiness.  These are all lovely qualities to represent in the first gift that you will give your girlfriend as you embark on a journey of partnership and love.  Explain to your girlfriend how much more meaningful this bright and cheery color is than she might have ever known, and she will probably delight in telling other people who are sure to have questions and compliments for her in the future. 

1.65 Pink Diamond Engagement RingWhether your girlfriend has explicitly expressed interest in a pink engagement ring, to go against the grain or just because of a love of the color, she may not realize how many choices are open to her.  The first and most fundamental thing to consider is what kind of stone you want.  There are pink diamonds but there are also pink sapphires and even synthetic pink sapphires.  Diamonds are the most recognizable symbol of engagement, but the truth is that once you decide to go with a colored gemstone, that will be the focus of most of the attention.  Both stones are rare and quite expensive with prices that fluctuate wildly depending on the size and quality of the stone.  This is one case where you might want to learn exactly what your girlfriend wants.  She may want a diamond so that she doesn’t have to explain that actually her engagement ring is a different stone, or she may want a sapphire to go against the fold.  Either stone is a gorgeous way to symbolize your commitment and love. 

1.55 CT Pink Diamond Engagement RingIt may be old news by now, but when Ben Affleck placed a pink engagement ring from Harry Winston on Jennifer Lopez’s finger in 2002, he sparked a trend that would last much longer than their relationship.  In fact, celebrities continue to drive the pink engagement ring trend with such stars like Mariah Carey sporting the style.  Mariah’s ring, given to her by Nick Cannon, is quite a ring with a 17 carat pink diamond encircled by 58 pink diamonds and with two extra diamonds on the side for good measure.  

With company like this, no bride-to-be should feel shy in showing off her very own pink engagement ring.  While these stars all have pink diamond ring, a diamond isn’t the only pink stone that’s been known to grace engagement rings. 

1.50 Ct Intense Pink Diamond Engagement RingFor some pink diamond engagement rings that weren’t exclusively designed for celebrities, check out the Tiffany & Co. Soleste Ring which features alternating halos of pink and white diamonds around a white diamond center stone.  Zales also has a variety of pink diamond rings with flattering accent diamonds in both black and white.  Take a look around the web to see what other pink diamond engagement rings are out there.  You may end up finding an independent artist, especially on Etsy, that makes pink engagement rings.  Blue Nile also has pink diamond offerings, including cut into a heart shape.

If your girlfriend’s birthday is in September, or if you are proposing in September, then a pink sapphire could be a powerfully meaningful stone to commemorate your engagement.  Sapphires are the birthstone of September and while many people don’t know this, they do naturally occur in a variety of colors including pink.  A pink sapphire embodies romance and is said to promote stability, a good trait in a healthy marriage.  A little known fact is that pink sapphires are thought to bring good luck to those who were born under the sign of the Libra, even though much of the Libra period takes place in October.  Interestingly, there are processes to create synthetic sapphires, including pink ones.  A reputable dealer will tell you if a sapphire you are admiring is genuine or synthetic.  Many sapphires are lab created and this is not necessarily a bad thing.  Synthetic sapphires are more technically perfect, free of the blemishes that are almost certain to be present in all natural sapphires. 

0.67cttw Pink Tourmaline Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White GoldPurchasing a pink engagement ring doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think.  While diamonds and sapphires are known the world over for their high price tags, a more affordable option that is also beautiful is called tourmaline.  Tourmaline is a semi precious gem that is widely used to create pink engagement rings.  Places like Jared have different styles of tourmaline rings to choose from.  This is another instance where Etsy might be a good place to look for something as stunning as it is unique.  Take a look at all of these options and see what fits your style and your budget.  Remember, there are no real rules when it comes to engagement rings.  The best ring is the one that feels the best for you and your future fiancée.  After all, anything that is a celebration of your union should be subject only to your needs and preferences. 

At all ends of the price point range, available in a variety of styles, and enhanced by a range of accents and settings, a pink engagement ring is a simple and ladylike way to absolutely go against the norms.