Pink may not be the obvious choice for a kitchen. However, if the room is all your own you mine as well make it your favorite color. Pink kitchen design ideas can help alleviate the burden from everyday chores and drudgery.

Pink kitchens can be modern. If you have flat front cabinets, paint them with a high gloss pale pink paint. This way the color will stand out in a room that lacks architectural details. You'll be able to make a big statement without spending a lot of money. Install stainless steel drawer pulls that run the entire length of the cabinet. Invest in stainless appliances to keep with the modern look. Keep the accessories to a minimum, no floral prints or frilly lace curtains in this look. This will help your guests rethink the idea of a pink kitchen.

A vintage pink kitchen can be as feminine as you want it to by. Try bright white cabinets with lots of carving and scroll work. Then add in pink toile wallpaper that will establish the pink and white color palette. Accent with pink roses and tea cups on the table and a crystal chandelier. Add in black countertops to balance the room and still be in keeping with a vintage color palette. You can tie in the black countertops by choosing iron fixtures in the room such as on the faucet and sticking with iron scroll bistro chairs and bar stools.

Pink kitchen items can help you create a pink kitchen design without having to make big investments. Pink is a strong color that gets attention so you can use it in your existing kitchen. This allows you to change out the pink for a more neutral color when you move onto a different trend or if you want to neutralize your home to sell it. Pink and gray are often used in fashion together so bring the look into your kitchen. Gray concrete floors and countertops add a masculine touch. Bring in pink barstools and paint the walls under your cabinets pink. Keep the rest of the cabinets and walls a bright white for balance and so the pink will be bearable for all genders.

If you don't have a lot of money for a kitchen remodel try creating a retro pink kitchen. Sure, you'll probably have to rip out the kitchen when you go to sell your house and it won't be at all neutral. However, if you're going to be using low cost material, give them high style with pink color. This way you won't feel like your compromising but you'll still be able get a defined look. Try a pink and white checked floor to make a statement in the room. You can even install an entire wall of pink glass mosaic tile for a touch that is both modern and retro at the same time. The Hello Kitty kitchen appliances line have pink accents and a retro design that will look great on the kitchen counter.

If you want a pink kitchen that is inexpensive and easy to change out then just paint the walls pink. Try a fuchsia for a lively color that gets attention. This works well in a room that is open to the rest of the house. You won't have as much wall space this way so the bold color choice won't overwhelm the room. The downside to this is that the pink color will make a statement all throughout your home. If your family always teases you about your beige color choices go with a bold pink in the kitchen. It will work with all of the neutral colors elsewhere in your home like coca, cream and beige. You can also use pink paint to design an area in your home. You can layer a darker pink rectangle on top of a lighter pink rectangle. Use this faux paneling effect on white walls and just paint the pink rectangles on one wall. This will have the effect of an old Hollywood kitchen to accent with art deco print curtains and lots of mirrors and crystal. A little pink paint can help you design your kitchen into a space that you'll actually want to be in. A little pink goes a long ways in a kitchen. You can mimic the look of tile by putting Plexiglas over pink paint. On an HGTV kitchen remodel the designer even put a pink wallpaper behind the Plexiglas so it looked like an intricate pink mosaic. You can match the pink by looking for a marble with subtle pink tones. Turn it into a feminine French bistro with pale pink jars and wine bags with intricate white cabinetry and butcher block countertops. You may have to compromise with your spouse about a pink kitchen. If you share the space, you can still use your favorite color, just use it sparingly. In a black and white kitchen a vase of fresh pink roses can really pop and add femininity. Plus, they can be his gift to you as a thank you present for not buying a rose colored fridge. You might just want to paint the wall behind the shelves pink to create a hip bar area. You can also use a pink floral wallpaper on the back of cabinets for a pattern that will match china. Sure, you may be used to seeing pink wallpaper in a kitchen but this design idea uses it in an unexpected way to make the most of the material and color. You can turn a pink kitchen into a feminine cottage room. Top a crystal chandelier with pink shades and keep the rest of the room neutral. Try distressing a kitchen island with pink paint and then sand most of it off so it looks antique and the pink color doesn't take over your room. Include subtle rose colored accents such as blush colored glasses and put pink rock candy in a crystal jar.

A pink kitchen doesn't have to remind you of Barbie's dream house. You can create a space that both you, and others, will want to spend time in by using pink in moderation. Pink can be sophisticated, modern, or country.