Pink Luggage

As you walk down that sidewalk with that fabulous strut of yours, you attract a lot of glances from men and women alike because of your charm. Sure, you might think that's great, but what better way to increase your charm and look a lot cuter than to tote pink luggage?

Wherever you go, from school to airports, pink luggage will have you look appealing to many, and will allow you to transport your wares in style.

Tips on purchasing pink luggage

First, know your purpose. Why do you need your bags? Are you travelling, or do you simply need something to put your everyday things in? How many will you need, and how long will you need them? There are a lot of guide questions you can ask yourself while selecting pink luggage.

Like any other purchase, the buying of luggage is an investment, and it's up to you to make sure that the bag or case you selected is worth it. You should decide how many pieces of luggage you'll need before your first purchase.

Suitcases are often phased out after some time being on the market, and this is a common problem among those looking for pink luggage. This is not to say, though, that you should rush after every piece of pink luggage out there while it's available. There are some standards you should follow, like quality and price.

Quality control

A great choice regarding quality and practicality is the pink trolley suitcase. It has been very popular among female travelers ever since the first time it was introduced to the marketplace. Not only great looking, this hard-topped luggage piece is very easy to maneuver through airport throngs. Bringing it also requires less effort than non-wheeled counterparts, as it only needs to be pulled along. This pink wheeled suitcase also is very durable, as it can stand up to several years of rough handling.

The best quality pink trolley suitcases are guaranteed to have all the essential features that make them very useful for travel and heavy duty use. Some of these features are handles, wheels and a tough frame. These are particularly important for moving through bustling airport terminals without stressing your back. The wheels on the suitcase's frame should be maneuverable enough to make a complete rotation. This handy feature makes the pink luggage easier to pull and maneuver around corners without having to pick the heavy, hard case up.

A shell made of hard, durable material is a must for pink trolleys, as they should be able to take a lot of beating from airport luggage handlers. A good choice for material is polycarbonate, a durable synthetic material which is waterproof as well. This kind of bag is easy to clean as any blemishes on it can be wiped off, and it can appear brand new even after many years. Though this material is very popular among manufacturers, it is always better to check the label to be sure what you're getting than make assumptions when purchasing.

The interior of quality pink luggage pieces should be fully lined by thick and soft padding to cushion your belongings inside, and at the same time keep them in place. The padding will prevent your fragile objects in the bag from being broken during your travels. While larger suitcases can carry more items, delicate things, like those made of glass or porcelain, will have to be completely and carefully packed. Though the layer of padding inside the case primarily serves as protector, valuables made of delicate material will still be broken or displaced inside when not packed correctly.

What types of pink luggage can I get, and where can I get them?

Perhaps the best alternative to the trolley bag, one of the most popular choices among pink luggage available is the carry-on bag. These come in different shapes and sizes, but this kind of luggage is guaranteed to have you look as posh as you possibly could. One great feature of this kind of pink luggage is that it's very convenient to carry around. You can be the savvy traveler you are and pack light, and carry this bag only. With the carry-on bag, you'll never have to check in any other luggage.

As mentioned above, another famous option is the wheeled trolley suitcase, as it is well known for its durability and also for being able to withstand rough handling.

Pink luggage can be found in department stores and even clothing stores. You may find them online, too. At, pink luggage is available in many forms such as polka dot, leopard, striped and psychedelic patterns.


As it is best used for being convenient, pink luggage is one surefire way to travel handy and at the same time look fabulous. So spice up your travels and excursions with these great-looking bags.