Are you interested in pink microwaves as a decorating alternative to plain white or stainless steel kitchen appliances? Way back in the 1950's, pink kitchens were all the rage with housewives everywhere. Why? Because women back then were truly the queens of the kitchen. Since pink is a popular color with women, manufacturers offered all kinds of kitchen appliances in the color of pink. Now that same color is a hot decorating commodity in the world of retro-themed rooms. Not every lady that wants pastel kitchen appliances is going to meet with approval from family members. If you are outnumbered by males in your home, you have my sympathy!

Pink Microwaves Might Make Cooking More Fun

Preparing meals can sometimes feel like another daily chore in the scheme of life. Having a fun appliance could make it less boring and tedious. On a personal note, I have been transforming my entire cottage into a super-girly haven of pink and white. I consider it my pink shabby chic style of decorating. My microwave is white, but I would love to have a pink one. Creating a room based on feminine shades is a dream come true for many girly girls. This is one area where being single is great; it gives you decorating freedom to make your rooms as feminine as you want.

Pink Microwaves Are Pretty, Yet Functional

Of course, pink appliances are made for much more than just sitting around and looking pretty. They need to be functional as well. The only challenge that a home decorator has when it comes to finding microwave ovens in pink is finding a reputable source online. After searching around online, I noticed that Amazon U.K. has a better selection of these appliances than the Amazon here in the states. The only pink microwave available is the Hello Kitty version which is cute, but very juvenile.

Why Are Pink Microwaves So Hard To Find?

Pink Digital Microwave OvenCredit: don't know why these particular appliances are so difficult to find online.  I agree that the color certainly isn't going to be a family favorite. Choosing pastel appliances for a kitchen is very unique.  I love retro decorating because it takes me back to a simpler place and time.

As a girly girl who loves anything pink, appliances like this remind me how little girls often dream of creating "princess" rooms.  With Pink microwaves and accessories can turn a boring kitchen into a princess kitchen.

Pink Digital Microwave Oven