Pink and green Christmas ideas really give you the chance to branch out of that basic red and green color palette. Deciding on pink and green is going to make it a lot more feminine and fun. This is also great if you live in a part of the world where you don't get snow and it just doesn't really feel like Christmas but you still want to decorate. Instead, bring in more spring-like colors that will be light and airy instead of using the traditional kinds of decorations.

Pink & Green Christmas

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Modern Holiday Decorations

I love how this looks in modern decor which often uses unusual color palettes. Either hot pink or a pale version will work here. Usually the green will be of the lime variety. It uses geometric shapes though like retro tree silhouettes or polka dots instead of a Santa decoration or snowflake. This uses a narrowed color palette where your entire room, even the furniture, might use just these two colors.

Pink and Green Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pink Christmas Trees

A pink Christmas tree is going to be totally different than everyone else's Christmas tree. You can just use this on your ornaments or go for an entire foil pink Christmas tree. This really gives you an opportunity to use minimal decorations but still make a huge impact, which is perfect if you have a small space or you just have more of a modern room and want a minimalist kind of look.

For the Tree

When you choose an unusual color palette you kind of box yourself in a little bit. You might have to do a few craft projects to just get this idea off the ground. It's unlikely that you'll be able to find pink and green Christmas decorations in the stores. Instead, you can just add in pink Christmas decorations such as poinsettias and tie green ribbon around them. You will probably want to make the green a little bit more of a neutral color. This can almost seem like a taupe if you go for more of an olive version. The other option would be to go with a really bright green to continue the fun element in the space. If you go with a traditional evergreen color with a pale pink then this can seem extremely mismatched.

Keep it Elegant

The really great thing is that if you go with pink Christmas decorations then this is a way to really celebrate your independence around the holidays. Usually your husband would probably object to having a pink Christmas tree. Instead of being sad that you're single really embrace the idea with decorations that you love. This also allows you to get more of an elegant air if you go with more of a jeweled tone kind of decoration. Use the pink of topaz and the green of emeralds and then bring in a lot of other fun ornaments in purples and blues. This is going to totally turn the traditional Christmas color palette upside down so that you can express your personality through your decorations.

The other really fun aspect of pink and green Christmas ideas is that you get to even bring in pink Christmas presents. This can really save you a lot of money on wrapping paper just because you're probably aren't going to buy it in the Christmas section. Instead, you can just find some of the clearance closeouts even possibly around Easter time or even shop in the wedding or bridal shower section. This is going to open up a whole new color palette. You can also pair this with more of a metallic tone such as silver or gold for more sophistication because pink can sometimes seem a little bit juvenile.

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