A laptop is a personal computer that can be carried around, being small and light. It can have the same characteristics as a normal desktop computer. Laptops can come in different sizes and colors, with different designs on the top of the slide.

It is a well known fact that pink is a girly color, even from the early ages of a child, girl babies are usually dressed in pink clothes and boy babies in blue. That's why is usually associated with women, being a girly color, even though man started wearing pink in our days. There is a theory why girls prefer pink, mostly because in the prehistoric ages, man had to hunt for food and women had to gather fruits. So it's a bit logical that they'd find more food being able to identify red ripe fruits.

Why girls love pink laptops? Well, besides the fact that they we're used to those kind of colors, most teenage girls love the color pink and they like to be surrounded by pink objects, from clothes to pink laptop computers. There are also a lot of pink accessories for pink notebooks, like pink cases and bags, pink webcams and many more accessories that can be added to a laptop.

Even if you don't have a pink laptop you can always make it look fashionable using different stickers that can be found in almost every color, especially pink. There is also a way to make your keyboard pink and also protect it from unexpected liquid spills, dust and any other foreign particles, with a pink keypad skin. A pink notebook can also be a great present on Valentine's Day or even a birthday, especially for young girls that like everything they own to be pink and especially if they have a room that looks like a big pink marshmallow.

Pink laptops are not only a useful gadget for girls, but can also be looked as a fashion statement. Women can easily match these laptops to their personality. We can also find notebooks in the color pink for children with the age between 6 and 12. Most of these have a fun design, usually with different Disney characters and are especially designed for very young girls.