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There is a new free visual creative tool called Pinterest. Pinterest is an online visual board that allows users to post and link to any media on the Internet. Users range from teenagers, stay at home mothers, college professors and professional writers. Pinterest has over 1.5 million users "liking" them on Facebook and there are more using the program everyday.

Once joining the by-invitation-only community one can collect images and videos and organize them by topic on virtual inspiration boards. Whether you would like to collect images of a new haircut you'd like to try or plan a vacation; Pinterest can help you immensely. Each photograph is linked to a website and you can give descriptions of the pictures to organize the information. In addition to posting information on boards you can comment on, like, and follow other users. Using the search tool can also yield inspirational results.

How To Begin and Join Pinterest?

To begin to use Pinterest go here ( and request an invitation. By requesting an invitation you are asking to use the program and join the community. Most receive invitations in about two to three days. You will receive an email when you can begin interacting on the website.

I've Joined Pinterest, Now What?

Log in to the website. You can log in with Twitter and Facebook or with a traditional user name and password that you set when receiving a confirmation email. You can immediately go to the top right About Section and read through the Help Section. If you are like me, skip reading the Help Section and find the Boards Section under your log in name on the top right of the page.
You Board Page is where everything happens.

pinterest(77770)Credit: pinterest/tiffany montgomeryEdit My Profile on Pinterest

To edit your profile simply go to the Board Section and click Edit Profile under your picture or icon. Within editing your profile you can change your pictures, linked website, and information. You can also delete your entire account from this section.

What Is "Pinning" Something & How Do I Do It?

To "Pin" something means to post it on one of your creative virtual boards on Pinterest. You can pin both pre-pinned items from Pinterest or items that you've found on your own by using the "Pin-It" button onto your own boards.

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Pin Something Already Posted 

To pin something already on Pinterest simply go to the Pinterest home by clicking the Pinterest logo on the top of the page. If you see something you like wave your mouse over the image and click Repin above it. You can also Like and Comment on a pin from here.

Pin Something From Another Website You've Found on Pinterest

To pin something that you have found independently you will need to install a Pin It Button in your browser. You can go to the About Section on the top right of the website and slect the section called Pin It Button to show you how to install it with different browsers.

pinterest(77772)Credit: pinterest/tiffany montgomerySearching Pins 

To search something specific type something into the search section and click the magnifying glass. This is located on the top left section of the site. You can also search users and topics. At the top of the web page there are options to view pins in categories such as fitness or gifts.

How to Create Different Boards

To create a board you must decide to pin something. Once you choose to pin an item you can create a board or select which board it goes on. The program will prompt you to select a board and from there you can organize your pins. You can also go to you Boards, Pins, or Likes from the top right section under your name and you can edit them.

This should be enough information for you to get started on Pinterest and begin pinning and organizing your favorite recipes, travels, and pictures! Keep checking back for follow up in-depth tutorials on Pinterest later.