Pioneer AVIC-F90BT


It plays whatever you have on your Ipod, DVDs, Satellite Radio, HD Radio and your regular AM/FM stations.
It also has an integrated bluetooth capability for your cell phone and the amazing GPS on that beautiful 5.8inch touchscreen so you will never get lost.


Overall this radio gets a 9 out of 10 because it has everything that i was looking for on an in-dash radio but 3 cons for this radio would be the price of it. It's been more than one year of it's release and the price is still relatively high, it stands around $1000 if you buy from known shops but if you do research you can get it a little bit lower which would be around $700 and that's buying it online.
The last thing that I do not like but I somehow got used to is the starting up time, it takes around 40 to 60 seconds to start up!
If you want to watch movies while the vehicle is in motion you either have to engage the parking brake or bypass the radio and this can be a little tricky, but be aware that this is illegal but it also comes in handy :D

Full Review

I bought this car radio on January 2010 so I have had it for a few months already.
Let me tell you this have been one of the best buys that I could ever have done for my car. This in-dash radio looks very sleek and of very good quality made materials. It plays almost anything that you want it to play, it goes from playing boring FM to your favorite DVD movies on it.

I opted for this radio because of all the features it offers and in a user-friendly manner too. It plays just like any radio AM and FM but also includes 2 Aux inputs, 1 Ipod deck which charges the Ipod and fully connects the ipod to the radio so you use the Ipod with the HUGE 5.8 inch screen like if you are using a huge ipod because this screen is all touchscreen baby! :D but hold on, it is not over yet, because if you feel bored of you Ipod you also can listen to XM, Sirius or HD radio but you need to buy the proper adapters for these. So yeah, now you're probably thinking that I bought this radio only because for it's amazing music capabilities but no, not really, I bought this because it offers a beautiful GPS which is really easy to use and it's very accurate and also I bought it due to it's bluetooth capability to connect with my phone so i can make and receive phone calls and even have my whole phone agenda integrated in my radio!!!
This radio just keeps getting better and better!
Also a good but very distracting feature of this is that plays movies or your favorite show either from a DVD or directly from your Ipod.

In Closing

If you want a pretty good radio for you car, if your car has space for a double-din radio and if your pockets have enough $$$ for a toy like this, then you should be looking for places to buy this radio already!
A great radio, from a great company, for your great car!