The Pioneer brand is known for their high quality systems, advanced features and reliable performance. So it comes as no surprise that they manufacture some of the best sellinpg DJ equipment on the market today. Speakers, headphones, mixing boards, turn tables, and even software are produced by Pioneer for the music industry for home use as well as the music recording and performance industry. It makes no different whether you are a DJ who plays live shows or you are a recording artist with a growing home studio, Pioneer makes plenty of equipment that is suitable for almost every musical scenario. They produce products that are dependable and capable of excellent professional level sound reproduction. Pioneer has been manufacturing high quality sound equipment for many years. They know the industry and are aware of the needs of their customers both at home and on the road. That is why they are capable of building equipment that is reliable, dependable, and extremely durable.
pioneer DJM-800 mixer

Whether you are a professional sound designer or simply looking for a good home sound system, Pioneer has something for everyone. This includes some of the best selling DJ equipment available. While great quality music production and recording gear does come at a greater price, Pioneer does sell excellent professional level products that are priced under the one thousand dollar mark. This makes them a more affordable choice for someone searching for high quality DJ equipment yet aren't looking to pay a mint for it. However, much of the equipment that is produced by Pioneer falls somewhere in the range of one thousand to three thousand US dollars. There are a few things that are priced even higher but the quality of the performance and sound are well worth the extra dollars spent.

One of the most popular mixers made by Pioneer is the DJM-800 Professional DJ Mixer. It is one of their top selling products in the line of DJ equipment that they manufacture. If you are looking for a mixing board that is loaded with all of the bells and whistles that a professional DJ needs then this mixer is right up your alley. This mixer is packed with every option that you could possibly want in a DJ mixer. While the listed price suggested by Pioneer a little over two thousand US dollars, the DJM-800 Professional DJ Mixer can be found in many different music equipment stores for a much cheaper price both online and off line. Though you are much more likely to find the best price for this mixer online rather than in a traditional brick and mortar musical supply shop. The same is true for almost any musical equipment these days if you are willing to browse the internet long enough.

This mixer is capable of audio of the highest quality due to extremely short signal pathway that is implemented in its design. This allows for digitized ninety-six kilohertz audio that has a depth of twenty four bits. This design allows for a much richer and more professional sounding mix down. This level of quality is made possible because the DJM-800 Professional DJ Mixer employs a professional level analog to digital signal convertor. Because the digital signal processor is thirty-two bit, the degradation in sound quality is kept to a minimum. Actually, there are two main reasons that the quality of sound is maintained so well with this mixer. The first is the fact that the mixer is constructed with a very solid and sturdy casing that helps to shield it from vibrational effects. The second is a highly advanced structural design known as dual shielding. The employment of the dual-shield technology allows for the prevention and elimination of digital artifacts and noise.

Another feature known as Harmonic tuning makes this an excellent mixer for beginners to use. This Harmonic Tuning alters the pitch by transforming it into that of a standardized note. Of course this doesn't mean that it is an automatic robotic music machine that can replace the brain power and creativity of an actual DJ. When you are attempting to match harmonic frequencies with this mixer, it is still necessary to have an understanding of or ear for music and how to match keys. This feature does make it much easier to create a harmonic mix in a fraction of the time needed by older methods.

While many of the effects that are found in the DJM-800 Professional DJ Mixer are tried and true basic sound effects, there are a few that are not found in the other Pioneer DJ equipment. The list of the effects available in the model of mixer is as follows: chorus, delay, echo, filter, flanger, pan, reverb, reverse delay, reverse roll, robot, transform, and roll. This mixer really is more than meets the eye as far as the number and quality of effects is concerned.

The following is a complete list of all that the Pioneer DJM-800 Professional DJ Mixer has to offer as far as features and specifications. This mixer boasts 5 line in jacks, four digital input jacks, four digital / line inputs that are switchable, and Five line-in inputs. There are a total of 4 mixing channels. There are two input jacks for microphones as well as two two band equalizer for microphones. Each channel has a three band equalizer that ranges from -26B to +6dB gain. It has four inputs for fader starters. There is a 3 position channel that is adjustable as well as a cross fader curve. The DJM-800 Professional DJ Mixer has both RCA and XLR output jacks. Also included in this mixer's design are auditioning for headphone monitor and a send and return that is stereo. While this mixer does not possess rotary channel volume controls or a rotary cross fader, these are available as an upgradable feature.

The Pioneer DJM-800 Professional DJ Mixer is an excellent medium price range audio mixer. It is a great mixer at an affordable price and while it lacks a few of the features found in the more expensive models of Pioneer mixers, the DJM-800 is still a capable mixer that can be had for a reasonable price. This makes it a great mixer for both beginners as well as professional DJs who are looking for a smaller lower cost mixer. This mixer can be had for around half of the cost of what other comparable mixers sell for.