For a truly simple home theater installation, consider getting a Pioneer home theater system in a box.

The “in a box” configuration brings everything together in one simple manner, eliminating the need for miles of cable and complicated instruction manuals.

You don’t need to spend time trying to figure out which components to get when they are all included in one price.

The receiver, surround sound speakers, and subwoofer are all together… just unpack them, connect them, and sit back to enjoy the game!

Pioneer has several configurations available for their home theater systems. Capabilities and quality improve with price, but the systems seem to be generally well received.

One review of the Pioneer HTZ-151 Theater System recommends it as a great moderately-priced system, able to play DVDs from all regions, and to play MP3’s, MP4’s, and photo slide shows from your MP3 player.

They do recommend a different system if you’re going for a high volume listening situation, however.

The Pioneer HTP-2500 Theater System receives mixed reviews, with the consensus being that the systems is fine for its price, but nothing special.

It is recommended by several people that you upgrade the front speakers for a more pleasant listening experience.

It’s also recommended that you give careful attention to setting up and calibrating the system for optimal sound quality.

Overall, users of this system recommend it for people on a budget who want their first surround sound system.

The Pioneer home theater HTP-2600 receives a nice review. Many cite its “super simple setup,” nice looks, optional detachable rear speakers, good overall sound, and more as features in its favor.

Its reasonable price (MSRP $650) makes it accessible to many families. The only down sides to the system are a lack of video switching and inputs, limited frequency extension of the bass modules, and lack of subwoofer out.

For a basic, inexpensive way to get in on the home theater trend, you probably won’t go wrong by going with a Pioneer home theater in a box.

It’s widely acknowledged that they are easy to set up, and the sound quality is adequate for the system’s price.