The display technology of television today is either plasma or LCD. Each of this technology offers the best in your home watching experience.

Pioneer, one of the leading manufactures of plasma television came up with its newest innovation in the world of plasma televisions. The company has launched the arrival of Pioneer Plasma TV model PDP 5000EX.

Pioneer PDP 5000EX offers you a plasma TV with 50 inches screen measured diagonally. Like all other plasma television Pioneer PDP 5000EX also uses the same technology for plasma display that allows the device to create clean sharp images and rich multi-colored pictures.

The large screen makes home viewing way too different with CRT type television, it's like you have your own movie theater inside your house. Enjoy watching real-like images as if you're just peering through the window.

The name Pioneer has been in the television business for quite some time now. Knowing how this business works, it's all set to make its product different from all the rest. The features are the ones that market the product to be more enticing and more appealing to the consumers.

A Pioneer Plasma TV with the latest features will always be a sure hit. Almost everyone has become a digital buff, we want to have the latest devices and gadgets technology has to offer us.

Equipped with the latest features is not enough though, because with hundreds of plasma TV out in the market, the features are starting to get the same with the others, this will make it harder for consumers to determine what plasma TV to buy.

Pioneer PDP 5000EX sets out to entice the consumers with more unique features that will have it picked out among all the rest.

Aside from the magnificent 50 inches screen of Pioneer PDP 5000EX, it offers a great deal more. The aspect ratio for optimum image presentation is 16:9 and its brightness is up to 1000 cd/m2.

Its maximum pixel resolution is 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically. This maximum pixel resolution creates the real-like images with its superb multi-colored display.

Pioneer PDP 5000EX plasma TV's dimensional aspects are measured in millimeter. The width is 128 mm, height is 750 mm and the depth is 98 mm. this home equipment weighs 39.8 kilograms. With its slim profile it takes not that much space making it easy to put it anywhere you please.

Other unique features offered by Pioneer Plasma TV includes HD compatibility such as 1080i; 1080p; 720p, integrated stereo audio output, picture-in-picture and double screen mode.

The audio power of Pioneer PDP 5000EX is 26 Watts with superb SRS sound effects. Available rear connectors include S-Video inputs, Composite inputs, Component inputs, HDCP inputs, HDMI inputs and DVI inputs.