Pipette Calibration is a task that can become tricky sometimes; and, if it is done by inexperienced technicians, the whole process might go wrong.  In this regard, careful planning and execution of pressure calibration should be achieved in order to make any system fully functional.  This factor is very important in any kind of laboratory, as it ensures that all the necessary processes (whether they include the use of pipettes or not) are going smoothly at all times.

Essentially, calibration of equipment should be done prior to conducting any kind of experiment or process of a system.  Since equipment that has pipettes vary depending on the make and model, it would be most appropriate to use calibration methods that are appropriate for the kind of setup available.  In this regard, only those who specialize in these processes would know how to conduct such calibrations, and here are some pointers to remember when finding calibration services for your system.

  • Pipette calibration is a very sensitive process, since it deals with small and/or controlled amounts of fluid that are important in completing any laboratory procedure.  Some companies that offer calibration services use state-of-the-art technology designed to evaluate and calibrate laboratory equipment, while some have competent technicians who can efficiently conduct the calibration for you.  What you need to do is find a company that has both these characteristics to ensure that you would be able to get what you need.
  • If you are to acquire the services of a company to accomplish these calibrations, you must first find out if they have the necessary tools and staff to conduct the job.  After doing so, check if the company complies with the implementing rules about these processes.  This means that to be able to achieve the right level of the calibration of equipment, certain precautionary measures should be followed: especially those that are provided by the standards for this type of process.
  • For different types of laboratories, various types of pipettes and pipette setups are present.  If so, then you must find the right company that offers pipette calibration according to your existing system.  Whether your company is into pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, you should ensure that the services you need to acquire match the equipment that you have.
  • The laboratory, especially one that deals with toxic or harmful chemicals, should always be kept safe for everyone who works in it.  Inappropriate calibration and setup of pipettes (along with other equipment in the lab) might lead to accidents and might pose certain risks to people.  Hence, when any kind of adjustment is done (such as pipette calibration), it should be ensured that the laboratory still has a safe working environment.

Calibration is not the only important thing to be done on pipettes; other processes include repair, maintenance, and validation of equipment to ensure that the whole setup is working accordingly.  With this, it is essential to acquire such services from a trusted company that could ensure the proper functioning of any laboratory setup.