Pirate Costumes (35163)

Hollywood found the final treasure chest with Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow with his fantastic pirate costume dreadlocks are now found at every front door during Halloween night and every halloween costume special event. And for good reason - pirates offer the attractive allure of risk, danger, and excitement on the high seas! Control your own ship, invade merchant boats with cannons booming, overpower armed forces galleons (just to be brazen), and plunder gold and goods. As well as performing all this among the backdrop of hot tropical skies, blue water, white soft sand seashores and concealed treasure. Honestly, who doesn't desire the life of a pirate? The Hollywood version, naturally!

Pirates have experienced a fantastic renaissance in the last number of years, and costume producers have leaped to the demand with creative, elaborate and sexy costumes. From authentic Jack Sparrow outfits to delicate feminine captains and lusty tavern wenches, you'll be certain to recruit yourself for a glamorous lifestyle on a stolen vessel, if just for one evening. So, exactly what range can be found in the marketplace? Pretty well anything you might think of! Here are a couple ideas to get you going:

Buccaneer: Historically, buccaneers are closer to the present day enchanting fantasy of a pirate: the British crown paid escaped slaves, rebels, mercenaries and rogues as qualified privateers to combat England's changing enemies, from the Spanish to the French to the Nederlander. Assaulting boats and plundering communities, buccaneers lived an independent and even democratic life, voting for robust captains and splitting the spoils. Several ran pirate bases and several retired as prosperous merchants. Henry Morgan is one of the most famous, who grew to become a wealthy sugar plantation operator, was knighted in England, and even became deputy governor of Jamaica!

As a buccaneer, a fantastic look is a puffy white or black shirt, overcoat, sash, black boots, a blade and an eye patch.
A superb pirate costume. Buccaneers had their own personal form of sword, the boucan, a long knife with a curved end, formerly used for hunting.

Captain Jack Sparrow: Your outfit will include a white "puffy shirt", a vest, sash and belts, and boot covers. Dress in loose blue trousers and brown leather boots. Add a dark overcoat, buy a (plastic) cutlass and scabbard, and a pirate hat with attached beaded braids. Grow a mustache and goatee you are able to braid, and finish your costume with makeup and mascara. Why struggle when you can negotiate?

Elizabeth Swann: A wonderfully regular aristocrat, until pirates stole her away! Look for a streaming white dress costume with gold embelleshment and petticoat. Add a red admiral's jacket and hide a dagger to show that you're no normal damsel in distress.