Pirate costumes are some of the most popular costumes during Halloween. There are many different well known pirates that people can model their costumes after. Some of the most popular pirates to dress like are Black Beard, Captain Hook, and Jack Sparrow. Many people also come up with their own pirate ideas for their costumes. Men, women, and kids have a wide variety of styles of costumes to choose from.

Preassembled costumes and pieces to design your own style can be purchased at many retails stores. They can also be purchased on many different websites throughout the year. These retailers will often carry a variety of sizes in their costume. This sizes usually range from small infant to double extra large in adults. They will have many different styles of costumes in one shop, or website, too. This helps make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Pre-made pirate costumes can retail for as low as around twenty dollars. They can also cost a couple hundred dollars. This will generally depend on the quality and popularity of the costume. Designing your own style will allow you more creativity and choices when it comes to your costume pieces. Creating your own costume also allows you to be more flexible with your budget too. This is especially true if you choose basic clothing that can be worn at other times and accessorize it with the necessary items to complete the look.

The most popular pirate to dress as in the past few years has been Jack Sparrow. Boys and grown men start to buy these costumes as soon as they hit the stores. The costume itself is very easy to put together on your own. The main part of the costume is basically a pair of black pant, black boots, a billowing long-sleeved white shirt, and a vest. The costume is complete with a fake pirate earring, fake sword, and black makeup around the eyes. A patch can either be worn or left off with this costume. Some people feel that a pirate costume is only complete with the black eye patch.

Women have a great selection when it comes to pirate costumes. They can dress in the traditional style of these costumes or they can choose a more provocative style. Both styles are big sellers with the women population during Halloween. The main difference in these styles tend to be whether the woman is wearing a pair of pants or a very short skirt.

There are many different pirate costumes to choose from no matter who you are or what style you prefer. Searching for the perfect costume will depend on what you are looking for. Many people choose to be creative and design their own style of pirate wear. Others choose to purchase the retailers already assembled costumes. Pirate costumes have been popular for years and will probably continue to be popular for years to com