Horoscope tattoos are some of the most requested tattoo designs these days. One of the main reasons why tattoos are popular is that people use them to express themselves in an artistic and unique way. Pisces tattoo designs are often requested by those who were born under the sign or those who have certain affiliation to it. The Pisces design is usually represented by two fish turning their backs on each other. There are also other interpretations like the two fish swimming in different directions or one fish running after another fish. The fish in these designs are usually illustrated with a thin line or string linking each other's mouth.

One way of portraying a Pisces tattoo is by inking a pattern featuring two fish that are drawn like parentheses signs facing opposite directions. A line in the middle linked the two parentheses-like signs. Because this design is so simple and basic, there are plenty of ways in which you can lend your own style and version to it. Pisces tattoos can be placed anywhere in the body but they would look more dramatic when placed in the shoulder or ankle. Both the male and female population can use a Pisces tattoo but there are also specific designs and styles that appropriately match each gender.

Pisces tattoo designs can be depicted in many ways. One common Pisces tattoo is an image of two fish portrayed in a yin and yang pattern. The fish are demonstrated as if they are swimming away from each other but connected by a thin line that links their mouths. This particular design has the same denotation as other Pisces tattoos, which is to show the dual nature of the Zodiac sign Pisces. The two fish that are facing towards opposite directions can mean an uncertainty that a person bearing the tattoo is currently going through. It can be that she has to choose between two lovers or she is torn between family and work.

Because fish is the main image of Pisces tattoo designs, there's no limit as to where your imagination can take you. You can choose to have simple fish outlines, or a highly detailed design. Japanese koi fish designs are among the most popular choices. The koi fish is an important figure in Japanese and Chinese mythology. It stands for strength and bravery.