You don't want a dog that you are scared of, neither do you want people passing by the gate to be scared either. There are all sorts of dog behaviour that can give you stress, whether it be inside the home, outside in the garden or in the street. Then it is even more embarrassing when you are out in the countryside and the dog is not doing as it is told, when off the leash.

Bad Dog Behaviour

Most times we will find that the problem is not with the dog but with the owner. Quality Pitbull dog training will make the dog your best friend that you can trust in any situation. It is all too easy for an owner to take the seemingly easy way out, to find that what is really happening is to create more problems for the relationship with the dog later. It is possible to train your pit bull to not bark at everyone that passes, or to dig up the garden all the time. You can stop your dog from doing charming things like eating poo, or being aggressive.

Visit to a Doggy Boot Camp

Pitbull dog training is going to be the same as dog training of other breeds. Other breeds of dogs, even labradors and poodles, have the possibility to be aggressive too. It doesn't necessarily need to cost huge piles of money with visits to doggy boot camp, or buying lots of books about the subject. It will take some patience and a large amount of being firm while still being kind, so that the dog is not ruined. It is possible to train a dog that has been spoilt by a previous owner, although it has to be said that it is going to be easier if you start from a very small puppy.

The best start with Pitbull dog training is the daily routine of making the dog sit and stay, then wait until he is told he can go to his food. Even to make sure that you feed yourself first then do the dog feeding routine only after that. It is simple tricks like that which show the dog who is boss. You are the leader of the pack and your pet is subservient to you.

The Tone of Voice Says it All

It is important to have both a carrot and stick approach to Pitbull dog training. You should make sure that you reward your best friend when he or she does as you have told them to do. As far as the punishment it should be enough that it is sufficient that the dog doesn't like it, but no where near severe that you are going to spoil the behaviour of the puppy in other ways. Many times the tone of voice used will let the dog know that he has been naughty. Some dogs can be a little wilful but they all really do want to please their owner.

When taking the dog out walking on a leash what you can do as part of your Pitbull dog training is to occasionally stop and use a voice command for the dog to have something to obey. Then make the dog sit, again with using a firm voice of command. Wait a few seconds and say the 'Walk' command. Then as you are walking give the dog lots of praise in the tone of voice that the dog understands as - Well done boy! You might even give the dog a treat when it has obeyed the sit command.

Pitbull Dog Training Technique

A technique you might employ is to have a small plastic bottle with a few stones inside to make a rattle sound. When you tell the dog off you might use it to tap the dog on the nose. It doesn't hurt the dog but he won't like it. Then when you are off the leash in the countryside and you want the dog to know from a distance that he is being naughty, shake the bottle. When the dog hears the sound he will associate that sound with the tap on the nose and really want to stop the bad behaviour.