Pitskys are beautiful dogs, often with very striking eyes, and can make wonderful pets.It is not a purebreed, rather it is a crossbreed dog.

What is a Pitsky?

A Pitsky is a cross between an American Pit Bull Terrier and either an Alaskan Husky or a Siberian Husky. It combines all the best traits of both of its parents making for a healthy and beautiful pet. Your pup may be the result of two other Pitskys breeding, or it may have one parent that is a Husky and one parent that is a Pit Bull Terrier.

What Should I Know About Crossbreed Dogs?

Crossbreed dogs are sometimes also known as designer dogs, and there is one issue of which you should be aware if you're considering a crossbreed. With a purebred dog there are certain standards that make it easy to say how big it will be and what its personality will be like. But because a crossbreed inherits traits from both parents in different ratios it's much more difficult to be certain how your puppy will turn out. Puppies born at the same time can often be very different!

How Big Will My Pitsky Puppy Grow?

An American Pit-Bull Terrier is not a large dog. Generally they grow to between 17 and 21 inches high at the shoulder and weigh between 30 and 60 pounds, with males weighing more. Huskys are usually bigger than Pit Bulls, and grow to between 20 and 24 inches in height at the shoulder, but are also usually between 30 and 60 pounds in weight.

Your Pitsky will probably fall somewhere in between these standards. This means that we would consider this designer breed as medium sized.

What Will My Pitsky's Coat Be Like?

An American Pit Bull Terrier has a short haired coat that is very smooth. A Husky has longer and thicker hair that is more suited to a colder climate. Generally Pitskys tend to have a coat that is more like a Husky coat, though not quite as long. It's quite rare that it is truly short haired like its Pit Bull parent is.

Are There Any Coat Concerns?

A Pitsky's coat is usually quite low maintenance, though it will require shampooing during bath time. They do shed quite a lot of hair though, which can be a problem for inside dogs. Depending on how thick your pet's coat is you may need to be careful in hot weather, as they can, like their Husky parents, overheat easily when it's warm outside.

What Will My Pitsky's Personality Be Like?

American Pit-Bull Terriers are considered to be loyal and loving, but also quite stubborn. Huskys are adaptable, affectionate and social animals. A Pitsky can be any combination of these characteristics, but will certainly be a loyal and affectionate pet.

How Much Exercise Will My Pitsky Need?

Both Pit Bulls and Huskys are traditionally working dogs, which means that both breeds generally need a lot of exercise to keep them fit and happy. Pitskys too therefore are going to need plenty of walking and running. A Pitsky is not a good choice for someone who isn't very active, and you'll probably need to walk your puppy twice a day.

Are There Any Health Concerns Associated with Pitskys?

Huskys are usually a very healthy breed, though they do have a slight tendency towards hip and eye problems. American Pit Bull Terriers may also have hip problems, and sometimes suffer from heart diseases.

The good news is that a crossbreed dog is likely to be much healthier than a purebred dog. Your Pitsky might have a slight tendency towards hip, eye or heart problems, but not as much as a purebreed would. There are no specific health concerns that are connected to Pitskys.

How Do I Know That a Pitsky is Right for Me?

Pitskys do make great family dogs, especially for young and active families. The best way to know if a Pitsky is right for you is to visit some! Try asking local breeders if you can go and check out their dogs. You can also look online and find information in forums populated by other Pitsky owners to get an idea of what owning a Pitsky is like.