There are very few pitchers who have also played other positions. This is not a list of players who have also pitched, or a list of pitchers who took the field once or twice, but rather a list of players who were predominantly pitchers but also found themselves fielding a different position on more than a rare occasion. I also added Fred Corey who was predominantly a third baseman but found himself on the mound nearly a hundred times.

Bobby Reis

Reis played from 1931 to 1938. Throughout his career he had 330 plate appearances and pitched 242 innings. He wasn’t particularly good at either. He was the 1930s version of a utility player in which his ability wasn’t much of a consideration. They just plugged him in wherever they needed a warm body.

Fred Mitchell

Fred debuted way back in 1901 and was more highly regarded for his coaching than his playing. He pitched over 700 innings to a career ERA of just over 4.00. Even though he was really bad at it, he was asked to bat in over 200 games. His biggest mark on Major League baseball was managing the Chicago Cubs in the 1918 World Series. Not long after that he was out of the Bigs and stayed in the game coaching the Harvard team for 30 years.

Charlie Gettig

Gettig had a really short career from 1896 to 1899. I’m just going to skip the stats and say what you’ve already assumed: he wasn’t a very good baseball player. He ended up pitching almost 300 innings and playing 125 games in the field.

Fred Corey

As stated above, Corey was primarily a third baseman and he played during the late 1800’s. He wasn’t a good hitter but his pitching stats suggest he was decent on the mound. His playing time makes it seem like he was always in the game, when he wasn’t playing third base it’s because he was pitching. Through 650+ innings he accumulated a 3.32 ERA and a 1.31 WHIP. Not bad for a third baseman.

Not surprisingly, this list is pretty short and mostly contains players from the turn of the century. Let me know if I forgot any pitchers who also played other positions on this list.