There are a lot of potential pitfalls for newbie internet marketers that need to be addressed. In this article, I'll discuss some of the pitfalls I've encountered over the years and how you can avoid them. The reason I wrote this article is that I hope you learn not only from your own mistakes but from the mistakes of others too.

The first pitfall I'd like to discuss is the following gurus blindly. It's too easy for a new internet marketer to take marketing advice from more experienced IMers as being trustworthy. Most of these more experienced marketers however can be quite misguided and lead us newbies into error. For instance, when I first started out affiliate marketing, everyone was recommending that I check out clickbank to make some real money fast. I checked it out and tried a few of their affiliate marketing programs and had a little success. Only years later did I realize that a lot of the products available to promote on Clickbank are pretty shady. Not only are the products shady but the advice given to affiliates by the merchants on there is pretty shady too. I'll give you two examples. There are these forex robots being sold through clickbank and I've learned from an expert in the forex field that they don't even work at all! They're a waste of money and time. It's so sad that people are promoting products on clickbank that just don't deliver. Another example is that when I was an affiliate for one of the highest gravity products on clickbank, I was following the merchants' advice on how to market his book and I got in a lot of hot water for following his advice by the book!

Now, I'm sure the merchants on clickbank are well-meaning individuals so I'm not trying to say that they're all bad guys. There are a lot of reputable people promoting products on there like Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Bernard Beckwith, and more. You really just have to be careful about the products you choose to promote because it might bite you in the butt later. That brings us to our next possible pitfall you should avoid.

You should be extremely careful about all your online activity including the products you choose to promote, the articles you choose to write, the blogs you choose to start, etc... The reason I say this is that I've had a problem with this myself. I won't go into details because the problem is pretty embarrassing but here is what happened to me: I was promoting a product in an embarrassing niche under a pen name. I was trying to create a distance between my real identity and the niche I was in. I made a little money in that niche but months later I discovered that I had made a mistake on one of the websites and included my real name. I lost the ability to fix it and now when you search my real name, in the top 10 results, you see my blog with my real name in that embarrassing niche! I worry about how potential future employers will perceive me if they do a google search on me. Lesson learned there...

Now, the third potential pitfall I'll discuss is choosing a project that you're not really interested in. It's so easy to pick something, anything really just to get going. You know how it goes: you find a niche that you're not even interested in, you create your squeeze page, you create your autoresponder follow-up sequence, you begin writing articles, creating videos, and more to drive traffic to that squeeze page and before you know it you realize you just can't do it because you're not at all interested in the niche you have chosen. Talk about wasting a lot of time for nothing! That's why it's crucial to find a product or niche you can really get behind 110% early on so you won't get cold feet after putting in days maybe even weeks of hard work. I've personnally spent a lot of time hopping from one niche to another without seeing a lot of success. It's only when I truly began focusing on 1 thing at a time that I felt like I was beginning to get somewhere. Don't make this mistake too!

Another pitfall I'd like to discuss is getting stuck in analysis paralysis. You've probably read about this before. It's when you get stuck in preparation and planning mode and you just don't take the right actions. It's so easy to fall into this zone and it happens to the best of us. Here's my simple solution: what you have to do is first have a solid plan. Once you have a solid plan, build a squeeze page because the money is in the list. Then create your autoresponder sequence. Finally, start driving traffic to your squeeze page. You want to focus your time and energy on creating an effective squeeze page and autoresponder system first... then being able to focus all the rest of your time on driving as much traffic to your website as you possibly can. The goal is to be able to focus 90% of your time on driving traffic to your sales funnel. You can of course tweak your sales funnel as you go along but you really need to be mainly focused on generating traffic. Stop reading ebooks and articles on all this stuff. You know all you need to know already! Don't waste anymore time. Just get out there and get some eyeballs on your website!

I hope this article was of help to you.

Thank you for reading.

Signing off.

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