Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Women's Her Glow Jerseys

Golden "Her Glow" NFL Jerseys for Women featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers

Recent fashion trends have seen a massive uptick in the amount of NFL and football related clothing being manufactured for some of American Football's most under-appreciated fans - women! The truth is that a surprising proportion of women also enjoy the action, excitement and statistical and tactical complexity of one of America's favorite pastimes. With the season in full swing, ladies' NFL gear is being seen more and more frequently around the stands, as female football fans sport their official NFL jerseys, tops, football t-shirts and accessories like scarves, gloves and even NFL jewelry. These Pittsburgh Steelers "Her Glow" football jerseys, pictured above, are a classy combination of sleek gold designs and the authoritative look and feel of a real women's NFL football jersey. These particular jerseys feature Willie Parker's name and number on the front and back.

The Style of Her Glow Womens NFL Jerseys

These women's NFL jerseys are made from a special blend of 60% nylon and 40% polyester so they're not only lightweight but super stretchy too. Many female football fans enjoy wearing these special edition NFL jerseys because they are comfortable even throughout a long game. These unique ladies NFL jerseys have a look and feel all their own because they have been designed and decorated with sparkles and glittering components. Based on a silver and gold theme that runs throughout the garment, these jerseys are great for attending a game, a social event centered around a football game, or just as casual wear when you're heading out for a night on the town.

The right shoulder and the left sleeve of every silver and gold Her Glow jersey is silver, whereas the majority of the body of the garment is gold. This creates a nice offset design and provides a good balance between the silver and gold coloring. Thanks to this patterning, you can just as easily pair your Her Glow jersey with blue jeans as you can with a black mini skirt! This ladies NFL jersey will nicely brighten up pretty much anything you wear along with it.

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Who is Willie Parker?

Since the Her Glow ladies NFL jersey features Willie Parker's number and name, let's spend a little time getting to know this Washington Redskins Running Back. Willie Parker currently has over 7 years experience playing in the NFL. He began in 2004 with the steelers and remained with them until 2009.

Willie has earned the prefix "Fast", as in Fast Willie Parker because of his quickness and drive on the field. Willie's football career really began when he played college football at the University of North Carolina. He met with moderate success while playing there, but the head coach held back his playtime because he wanted Parker to bulk up and fit a more fleshed out role for a new power running tactic.

If you have a female football fan in your life who enjoys the Steelers, the Redskins, Willie Parker, or all three of them, this is the perfect ladies NFL jersey to surprise them with.

What Are the Best Ways to Wear Your "Her Glow" Ladies NFL Jersey?

The nice thing about the Willie Parker "Her Glow" Ladies NFL jersey is that it's pretty versatile when it comes to matching it with other elements in your wardrobe. It is bright enough to go well with gold jewelry like earrings or necklaces, yet can also be a nice accent to black skirts, pants or shoes. If you want to go all out when you're preparing to attend a big football game, you can go for bottoms and shoes that match the gold and silver theme.

In terms of level of dress, the gold and silver theme plus the fancy styling make this ladies NFL jersey a step above a normal sports fan's top. You can wear it to events that are just a tad dressy but still sports themed and fit in perfectly.