If you own a king size bed and are wondering what you can do to make it look a little more special, the answer may not be in the bed, it could be behind it. Failing to place a king size headboard at the head of the bed could be a missed opportunity. Not all rooms require, or even look better, with a headboard taking up valuable wall space. But some do look more improved and the reason is usually because the owners have carefully chosen their headboard and it fits in with the look of the rest of the room.

The type of headboard you choose will largely be determined by your personality and the type of decorate features you prefer to see. Most headboards are chosen because they will complement the room while only a small proportion are chosen because of the accent it creates because it sits in stark contrast to the way the room is set up.

Your choices include different materials such as wood, metal, leather, plastic or vinyl or even glass and in many cases you can buy a king size headboard that is made with a combination of any or all of these materials. Color and pattern is another area where there are many choices with the use of tufting creating the ability to change the face of the headboard when all other aspects of it are exactly the same as another more boring piece.

Without a headboard you might find that you are constantly losing the pillow down the back of the bed or that the bed tends to move out of place too easily. You have the choice of fixing the headboard to the board or letting it float free, allowing it to do its work through its proximity to the bed.

Most people like to use their headboards as a design feature. While a king size headboard has been designed to sit behind a king size bed it is possible to buy a headboard that is significantly wider than the bed. How much room you allow your headboard to take up depends largely on the room that it is being placed into. Larger headboards are going to dominate a small room and this is particularly the case with headboards that rise significantly higher than the top of the bed.

The final thing you are going to have to think about when buying a new headboard is your budget. Unless you are buying a bookcase headboard its function is largely decorative. If you think it will add value to the way the room looks or that it will give you pleasure when you're in the room then the price will not be an issue at all.