There are so many sites out there that claim they can make you money on their site. How many do you really make money on? Here is a list of places that can make you money, not get you rich money, but money that can help pay a few bills or get you some gas.

Things You Will Need

 Internet connection
Ability to write in plain English
Usually a Paypal account

Step 1

 First thing you should know, I hate ptc sites, you could click all day and make money. The only one making money is the owner of the ptc site. I am going to recommend writing sites, places where I have made money myself. The first place I would recommend is eHow. I have made nearly a $100 writing for 2 months. People write how to articles about things you know how to do. I have been paid twice from this site, and the more quality articles you write, the more you can make. Very user friendly site, easy to make money here. Remember to write as much as you can when you sign up for this site.

Step 2

 The next place to write for is I like this place, because you are free to write on almost any subject you want to write about. They have a very good user friendly format, that makes the article set up a breeze. If you choose to write for Info Barrel, make sure to sign up for a Google Adsense account, this is how you make money on Info Barrel. You receive 75% of the Adsense revenue, if you need help with Google Adsense click here. I have made a fair amount of money on Info Barrel, but I haven't got to the magic $100 amount on my Google account(you have to reach a $100 to cash out on Google Adsense). I like being able to write about a variety of subjects, and Info Barrel allows me to do this.

Step 3

Associated Content is also a good place to write for. I like AC because they offer up front payments for quality, well written articles, that are relevent and that they feel will fare well. I have had a few upfront payments, they are never much, around $3, but it's something. This is also a site that you can write about pretty much anything. They also pay about a $1.50 per 100 views of your articles.

Step 4

 Some other places I have made money are Bukisa, hubpages, factoidz. These are all really good sites, and they have unlimited potential, I just haven't had as much time to work on these site. Check them all out, and see what works for you. I make some good money writing, you can too, just put some effort into it, and you can see some good money start coming in.

 It may take a couple months to get a steady flow of money coming in. Don't stop writing when you see money coming in, keep writing. the more you write the more you bring in.

Tips & Warnings