Traditionally bridal showers have been close women friends and family coming together to share in the festivities and offer special gifts that are meant to specialize the upcoming wedding. But today brides are looking for something different than sitting around playing games in someone’s living room. They want to get out and do something special with the women in their life before they take the big plunge. 

In Austin there are several locations where the vinyl banners Austin style are flying that can provide a unique and wonderful experience that will not be forgotten. Why not take a cruise, or spend a day at the spa. Finding quaint and elegant luncheon spots that cater to special occasions is another great way to celebrate. Make this your special day with family and friends by doing something different.

The Best Austin Restaurants For Your Perfect Shower

Austin is full of wonderful restaurants, and one such place is La Madeleine Bakery and Café has all the charm and quaintness of a country side in France. They have a wonderful menu and will accommodate you with a private room so. The room can be decorated and flagged with vinyl banners. Austin has another great place to go that is more the grand Texas style.

The Inn at Wild Rose Hall is a great place to have your special bridal shower. The six acres is covered with oak trees that stand tall. This ranch style house features a rustic Texas style atmosphere where they can accommodate private parties with all the fixings needed to make this a memorable event. Watch for the vinyl banners Austin is only a short 20 minutes away.

A Day At The Spa Is A Great Way To Relax On Your Special Day

What a wonderful way to share the memories then spending the day with friends at the spa. There are many spas in Austin but the two that cater to weddings and showers are Viva Day Spa and Aziz Salon & Day Spa. As you drive by the vinyl banners, Austin’s Viva Day Spa will cater to your bridal party. They private rooms are laid out in such a way that you will feel like you are on an oasis and can accommodate almost any size party. Their setting is peaceful and relaxing with no rushing around.

Another great spa is Aziz Salon & Day Spa is the first spa to open in Austin and is right downtown. It has a spa packages that accommodate the bridal parties and has a private group room that will surely accommodate your party. They promise to pamper you and rejuvenate your whole being.

Looking For A Real Party

Why not celebrate your wedding shower in style on a Party Cruise. There will definitely be some colorful vinyl banners, Austin’s Party Cruises are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Austin’s Party Cruises are a memorable way to share this special time in your life. Float on the river in style while sharing your memories with those that are important to you.