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If you are having trouble paying your rent, you may try to reach out and find places that offer rental assistance.  You will be relieved to learn that there are various rental assistance programs that can help pay your lease when you are having financial problems. In fact, there are over 3,000 rental assistance programs that can help you pay your rent right now!

Religious Organizations
One of the first places to explore to see if you can get assistance in making your rental payments is your local houses of worship and religious organizations.  Frequently church or synagogues will help pay the rent of their parishioners who need help.  They either have funds set aside to help their parishioners having financial strain or they will put together a collection or fundraising efforts to help you in your time of need.   Further, religious organizations such as Catholic Charities offer rental assistance.

Local Charities
Another place to research for rental assistance is local charities and non-profit organizations.  These local charities and non-profits often have reserved funds to help people pay their rent.  Examples of these charities include the United Way and the Salvation Army.  Find out whether there are any charities or non-profits in your area that offer rental assistance to those in need and if you qualify for their assistance.

Government Programs
There are numerous government programs that offer rental assistance.  For example, many states and local governments have government run organizations and agencies that can help you not only with covering rent payments but will also help you to  with a security deposit and help you pay other housing expenses.

The Federal government also offers rent assistance.  For example, the recent Federal Stimulus Package included The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program which offers housing and rental assistance.   The Federal Government also has numerous other programs that can help you stay current with your lease payments in times of need, such as: HUD (Housing and Urban Development), USDA Rural Development, and Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program.  There are also Federal grants that are available to help pay your rent and prevent eviction.

Eviction Prevention
If you are facing eviction, there are various free legal services that are available (such as Legal Aid) to help prevent and defend against eviction.  There are numerous eviction prevention programs run through the federal, state and local governments as well as charities and non-profits.  Research what steps these programs can take to help prevent eviction.

Short Term Loans
Another option if you are in need of some cash quickly to help pay your loans is to research payday loans or salary advance loans which can be used when you need cash quickly in situations such as these where you need help to pay your rent.

Affordable Housing Programs
Many cities offer affordable housing programs for low-income residents.  If you cannot afford your current rent, you may want to research affordable housing programs in your city.  If your city has an affordable housing program and you qualify for low income housing, apply for affordable housing.  If you receive housing, your rent may be drastically decreased and you will no longer need help paying your rent.

Good luck in your quest to get your rent paid and rest assured that your problems paying your rent will only be temporary and everyone goes through difficult times.  There is no reason to be ashamed if you need help paying your rent.  Keep your head high and be happy to know there are many places that help pay rent.