Writing is a great hobby and is also a good way to make some extra money.  There are a few different places you can write your freelance articles in peace and quiet without any interruptions.


Car Rides

Car rides are a perfect time and place to write.  While the driver is driving on the road, put your headphones on and concentrate on the article you are writing.  You can write on the public bus or in your friend’s car or truck.  Car rides can be boring and writing is a great way to pass the time.  You can even get a few good ideas and write them in a notebook until you have access to a computer.  Then you can get to a computer and finish writing your article completely.



Watching people walk by and kids playing on the playground while you sit quietly on a bench can be very peaceful.  Pull out your notebook and write about various topics.  You can get many great ideas by simply watching people.  Parks, summer and spring time are some great topics that you can write about.


In Your Own Home

Personally, I believe the best place to write freelance articles in your own home.  While some people would rather watch television while writing, others like to listen to music and others prefer peace and quiet.  Also, you have access to your own personal computer and can do a great job searching SEO keywords.  Having the internet while you are writing is definitely a favorable feature.


On Your Break

Working all day may cause you to only thing about work.  It is proven that even people who work all day still have work on their minds on break and even after work is over for the day.  Freelance writing on your break is a great idea to forget about work for a few minutes while you take a break.



Many people think the best place to write their freelance articles is at the library where there is nothing but silence.  There isn’t anyone to bother you or ask you for anything.  Be sure to turn your phone on silence so you won’t have any interruptions.  You can even check out books to get great ideas for your articles.




If you are going to college you probably have plenty of time in between classes for freelance writing.  Writing articles is great practice for your your English classes and other courses that require you to write an essay.  It is also a good way to practice your business and communication skills.  Take a break while studying for your chemistry exam and write an article on a different topic.


These are just a few of the various places that you can write your articles for money.  If you are able to be sure to research SEO keywords that you can insert into your articles.  Writing articles is a great way to earn a passive income and is perfect for adults of all ages.