There is nothing more entertaining than a really great movie. However, the cost of going to the movie theater or traditionally renting a video has grown significantly over the past few years. While NetFlix, Amazon on Demand, and other companies offer monthly subscription options that certainly reduce the cost of renting, they often lack in selection, and have even increased in price as well.

For those looking for a free alternative to watching movies that they enjoy, there are, fortunately, a few outlets of which they can take advantage. Whether you choose to watch free movies online or offline depends largely on your Internet connection, and the amount of bandwidth you are allotted each month.

Watch Free Movies Offline

For those with limited bandwidth, an offline free movie solution may be the most ideal option. Streaming or downloading free movies uses a substantial amount of bandwidth. In fact, just streaming just a movie or two per week can max out your monthly limit. As such, an offline option to watch free movies is a far better solution for limited bandwidth users.

The best offline options to watch free movies are Redbox and Blockbuster Express. While both options do have a per rental cost of one dollar, there are countless free movie coupon codes available for consumers. Because these codes can be reused time and time again, you’ll be able to watch a new free movie on DVD every night.

Watch Free Movies Online

While Redbox and Blockbuster Express certainly are excellent options to watch free movies offline, they are not for everybody. For those with limited access to Redbox or Blockbuster kiosks, or prefer to watch new movies for free as soon as they are released, the offline free movie option may not be ideal. Provided bandwidth is not an issue, those individuals would find far greater reward in watching movies for free online.

There are a number of different websites that claim to offer users the option of watching free movies online. However, many of those websites either do not live up to the claims and promises, or simply do not have the selection that one would expect from an online free movie outlet. Many of the most highly recommended sites do not actually host the movies for legality purposes, but provide working links to help you watch the movie of your choice for free.

The best-known site where visitors can watch movies free online is that of YouTube movies. While the majority of the movies on the site do carry a small cost, there are often promotions that allow visitors to watch certain movies for free. Aside from YouTube movies, there are a variety of other websites that will make it possible for you to watch movies for free online. Both SuperNovaTube and LetMeWatchThis are, by far, the most widely used. SuperNovaTube is incredibly popular due to such features as a user-ratings feature. LetMeWatchThis offers a unique design that makes searching for new movies far easier than one would expect.

Regardless of the genre of movie you wish to watch, there are plenty of effective free movie outlets available both online and offline. While each option is amazing in its own right, they each cater to different needs. As such, you’ll no longer have to pay to rent a movie, as there are an amazing number of free alternatives just waiting for you to take advantage.