Potala Palace

1  Potala Palace

Situated on the Red Hill of central Lhasa, Potala Palace is the highest ancient palace in the world with over 1300 years' history. Potala palace is the religious center of Tibetan Buddhism and the former residence of the Dalai Lama. It was originally built in 637AD by Emperor Songtsen Gampo to greet his new bride that was coming from China. The Palace buildings stand 13 stories high and contain over 1,000 rooms, 10,000 shrines and 200,000 statues, which is a magnificent building collects palaces, temples and castle in one. In 1994, the Potala Palace was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List.


2  Mount Everest

Mount Everest, or Qomolangma, also called Chomolungma, the world's highest mountain above sea level at 8,848 metres (29,029 ft), which is located in the Himalayas on the Nepal (Sagarmatha Zone)-China (the northern brae in Tingri County of Tibet) border. Around the mount Everest in 5000 square kilometers, there are 4 peaks which all above sea level at 8,000 meters, and as many as 38 peaks above sea level at 7000 meters. At the foot of the Mount Everest, located the highest temple in the world which is called "Rongbuk Monastery", Only 40 kilometers away from mount Everest, it is the base camp when climbing mount Everest from the north slope.


3  Namtso Lake

Namtso, means "Heavenly Lake" in Tibet. It is one of the three holy lake in Tibet, the second largest saltwater lake in China only after Qinghai Lake, and the highest altitude saltwater lake in the world. Taking Tibet tours, you should never miss the touching beauty of Namtso Lake. The 757 square miles Lake with crystal-clear blue water, clean sky perfectly join the surface of the lake in the distance, leaving people here a feeling that seems like coming into a fairyland outside the world. In summer times, wild animals leisurely look for food around the Namtso Lake, Birds fly here to lay eggs, fishes freely swim in the lake water, everything here are so perfectly harmonious, all of these clearly explain why Tibetans take Namtso Lake the symbol of goodliness and happiness, it really deserve the name.


4  The Jokhang Temple

The Jokhang Temple, located in the centre of old Lhasa, was originally built in 647 AD by Songtsen Gampo. Which is the spiritual center of Tibet and the holiest destination for all Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims. Jokhang Temple is the most glorious existing tubo period buildings, and also the oldest civil structure building, which started the temples of the layout of Tibetan style type. With the integration of the Tibetan, Nepal, and India's architectural styles, The Jokhang Temple is a model of Tibetan religious architectures for the ages.

Mount Everest(98737)
Jakhang Temple