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Devil's Pool - Victoria Falls (

Once when I was hiking up a steep trail in the Grand Canyon in the midday heat, I passed a mom and dad marching their toddler down the trail. The child was stumbling and crying hysterically. There are just some places that you don't take young children, for their well-being and for yours. Here are a few of those places.

Devil's Pool - Victoria Falls

Devils Pool is an eddy at the top of Victoria Falls that provides great photo opportunities. Every few years frolicking bathers push the envelope a little too far and get carried over the edge of the falls. Exposing your toddlers or young children to this risk is not worth securing a great photo to share on Facebook.

R Rated Movies

If you can afford movie tickets, you can afford a babysitter. Don’t drag your young children to an R rated movie. Children don’t need more exposure to violence, foul language, and sex. They get enough of that at school.

Chuck E. Cheese

Unlike R rated movies, Chuck E. Cheese is probably not inherently unhealthy for kids, though some might differ. The reason you should never take your children is for your own well-being. Once exposed to the Chuck E. Cheese industrial entertainment complex, your children will beg you incessantly for a return trip. Chuck E. Cheese is obviously fun for kids, but for adults, it is a mind numbing, cacophony of video pollution that will slowly drain your wallet and leave your kids hyped up beyond control.

The Office

Some co-workers might find it cute when you bring your young children to the office. But, depending on the child, it is a risky move. Kids say anything. I was talking with my manager at the office when my daughter tapped me on the shoulder and said “Daddy, she is not so bad.”

Gun Ranges

That gun ranges and young children don’t mix is obvious… but not to everyone. According to CNN[1], a nine-year old girl accidentally shot her shooting instructor at a gun range with a Uzi. Why are we in such a hurry to force kids to grow up that we encourage them to engage in adult behavior before they are ready. Let them be kids, for gosh sake.


If the wedding invitation requests no children, don’t bring them. The bride and groom would probably not make such a request unless they had a good reason. And if even if their reason is rather lame, so what?  it is one of the most important days of their lives, so let them have their way.

Expensive Restaurants

Young children don’t have the taste buds to appreciate exotic food. What is the point of going to a fancy restaurant when your child is going to order macaroni and cheese and then wolf it down before your food even arrives. For the rest of your meal, you are chiding them to stay in their seats and be quiet, while they complain about being bored.  You are too worried about making a scene to enjoy your expensive meal.

Antique Shops

If you take young children into an antique shop, especially one that has old china, jewelry, or glassware of any kind, chances are you walking out of their buying something you don’t want.


McDonald's has decades of experience honing their ability to devilishly entrap young kids and make them devoted customers of their unhealthy fare for their entire heart-disease shortened life. You can’t compete with them. Keep your children away for as long as possible and hope for the best.