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There are several places that you want to refrain from being when things worsen in our country.  Everyday there are plenty of signs that show America is headed in a downhill position.  There isn’t much more evidence we need to be able to prove that.  Some places you will just want to avoid when things worsen in America.


South California

Living in southern California may not be the best idea.  So many people live in California, and if you are in the southern end, there really isn’t any place to escape.  This is somewhere that you should avoid when America goes under.


Detroit, Michigan

This city has been known for high crime rates over the last few years.


New Jersey

There are portions of New Jersey where the crime rate is extremely high.  In certain cities almost 50% of the citizens are unemployed and below the poverty line.


St. Louis Missouri

St. Louis is well known for the beautiful Gateway Arch.  It is a shame that it is one city you wouldn’t want to be.


Miami, Florida

While Miami sounds like a perfect vacation spot, you may want to do a little research before you take your trip there.  The crime rates are extremely high.  This is one place where you do not want to live.


Door County, Wisconsin

Since Door County is a peninsula, at any time there could be serious flooding.  There is also a drawbridge you must cross to get into Door County.  Other than visiting for vacation, this is a place where I would not want to live.  You could easily be stuck” on the peninsula if something were to ever happen.


Chicago, Illinois

Between the crimes, gangs and violence, this is a dangerous place to be when America goes under.  When things increasingly start to happen there will likely be mobs looking for food and weapons.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Although Milwaukee isn’t nearly as bad as Chicago, there is a lot of crime and violence in certain areas of this city.  This is one place you will want to avoid.  Winters are also very cold.  If you didn’t have shelter and someplace warm you would be extremely miserable.


New York

Many people will agree that living in New York city isn’t a great place to be.  Truthfully, living anywhere in New York may be dangerous.


It is obvious that you will want to stay away from any large cities when things start to happen.  The government will be in large cities where the majority of the people are.  Also, the main reason you won’t want to be in large cities is because he crime rate is going to drastically increase.  When stores shut down and there is no way to get food there will be a lot more robberies, theft and violence.   America has already been known for the highest rate of infant mortality, drug abuse, spread of HIV and violence.  If you are a prepper, it is best to think of a strategic plan now before it is too late.