As any parent can tell you diapers are as much a necessity to the life of a child as food and shelter. But unfortunately the cost of this necessity can be the breaking point for families on the edge of financial hardship. And for those that are at or below the poverty level this expense can lead to many hard decisions that a parent should never be forced to make. For example in the Every Little Bottom Study commissioned by Huggies® it was found that one in three families struggle to afford diapers and that even some families that earn twice the federal poverty level struggle with this expense. Horribly it also found that 34% of the families surveyed had cut back on other necessities including food, utilities and even child care. And if this isn’t bad enough some parents even reported leaving their children in dirty diapers for longer periods of time than they would if they had clean diapers to use. Others even reported cleaning out and drying dirty diapers so that they could be reused at a later time. Now to some reading this it easy judge and say you would never do such a thing but most people will never know the struggles of extremely low income families that have few if any choice.

Are Free Diapers Made Available to Low Income Families?

With all of this being said you would think that the answer to this question would definitely be yes. But unfortunately the answer to this question is no there are no government assistance programs specifically designed for diapers. Programs like WIC and food stamps provide a way for mothers and families to feed there families but their services do not include diapers. But this does not mean that extremely cheap and even free diapers can not be found for those that are willing to take the time to help themselves and ultimately their children.

Free Diapers For Low Income Families!!!

There are several options to explore when looking for free diapers. Using a combination of all the listed options is your best bet on a steady stream of diapers.



  • Free Samples – There are lots of ways to get free samples of diapers (usually 1 or 2Diapers(94228) diapers), the first place to start is with the diaper companies themselves. Simply go to the website of all the diaper companies you can think of including Huggies, Pampers, Luvs and Goodnites and register as a member. At this point you should eventually start receiving emails and snail mail with coupons and free samples of new diapers and other baby related items. Also a few of these companies attach rewards points to their product packaging. These rewards points can be collected and exchanged for free merchandise including diapers. It is also a good idea to go ahead and email or call the companies yourself and just ask them for some samples, usually they are more than willing to give a few out in hopes of creating a new customer. Another place you can try is your local hospital or doctor’s office. Many times these places have free diaper samples and information on other places to go for discounts on baby supplies. A few other places you can try is your local churches and charities like the Salvation Army.

Cheap Diapers For Everyone!!!

  • Coupons – This is another option that should not be overlooked especially if you are having trouble finding them for free. There are many places that diaper coupons are available including the diaper companies websites, newspapers, magazines and even on other products. For example my family uses coupons all the time and recently we had a coupon for Cheerios. When we got to Walmart we found that the bigger box of Cheerios had a diaper coupon printed on the box. The combined savings equaled the amount of the cereal making it free. Another place to get coupons is online. Simply do a Google search for coupons and you will find a long list of sites that specialize in providing free coupons for all types of products. One other tip to find for coupons is to visit your local recycle center and go through their newspapers. Many people just throw their coupons out with the paper.
  • Cloth Diapers – A lot of people do not even consider this as an option but it is an excellent way to save on diapers. There is the initial cost of buying them and they can be expensive but over the course a child diaper wearing year’s cloth diapers can save thousands of dollars. According to the Huggies study mentioned above the average cost of diapers for a single child over the course of a year is almost a $1000.  If you would like more information on what it takes to get started using cloth diapers you can read the Getting Started Guide at There are many other resources online full of information on best practices on buying and using cloth.
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So as you can see just because the government doesn’t make something available doesn’t mean that it can’t be found. I little searching and little work can go a long way to helping your financial situation and your children’s bottoms. Hopefully this list will help all those in need whether they are low income or not. And if you find yourself in a situation of having a little more than you need donating to one of the previously mentioned diaper banks is a great way to help insure some little boy or girl gets a clean diaper for tomorrow.

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