Are you looking to find unique coffee mugs as a gift for someone or even as a gift for yourself? As a coffee lover, having a unique coffee mug makes that cup of joe even more enjoyable. Instead of purchasing a mass market coffee mug from a department store or chain coffee shop, consider supporting your local community or local artists by purchasing a unique coffee mug from one of them.

Here are some ideas of where to look for that one-of-a-kind beverage holder:

Farmers' Markets
Farmers' markets are not just a great place to buy local and organic fruits and vegetables it can also be a place to scope out the work and craftsmanship of local artists in the community. Look for a local farmers' market that also encourages craft booths. You may be able to find a local artist whose specialty is making handmade coffee mugs or hand painted mugs. If you scoop up a mug from a local artist there is no doubt you will have a one-of-a-kind coffee mug!

Local Colleges or Universities
Many colleges and universities offer pottery or ceramic making classes, both for students and for local residents. Consider jumping online or stopping by your local school to find out if the classes will be offering a pottery sale anytime soon. Usually around the holidays a lot of crafting classes will have their goods on sale for the public. Purchasing a student manufactured piece as your coffee mug will bring great joy to the creator and give you a very special mug. If you have the time and the desire, consider enrolling in a pottery making class - then you can create your own special mug!

Paint a Coffee Mug Date
Color Me Mine is a national chain of stores where patrons purchase blank ceramic pieces and are given paints to create their own special dish or coffee mug. If you are looking for a cool date with your partner, son or daughter, or even grandchild, then consider making it out to one of these stores. Agree ahead of time that you each will paint something marvelous for the other. Now you will have your own hand painted and totally unique coffee mug made with love!

Shop Local
Do you have a favorite local diner that you visit? Or a Mom and Pop coffee shop that you just adore? How about checking to see if they have their own line of coffee mugs! Most local diners and coffee shops may carry their own line of merchandise allowing you to find a unique coffee mug and support local businesses.

Travel with Your Eyes Peeled
Are you planning a trip to San Francisco or a vacation to Hawaii? Be a true tourist and pick up a cool looking coffee mug from another locale. If you can, find a local coffee shop or even a famous diner where you can make your purchase. Not only will you have a unique coffee mug from a different geographical location, but you will also have a sweet souvenir to remind you of your trip!