Baby shower invitations are one area of your party budget where you do not want to spend a lot of money. The food and gifts are usually the focus for events like these. The little piece of paper that tells people where and when it will be should not be a large portion of the money that you spend to throw this event. The cost of these invites can vary greatly depending on where you shop for them.


This list of places to get low cost baby shower invitations includes some options that will give you them for free. Take a look at what is available and you are sure to find some great cost saving options for you.


Idea Number One


Stores like Babies R Us and Toys R Us let expectant mother for the items that she needs for her new baby. They also give out free baby shower invitations to the person registering. There are other stores that have this option as well. The reason that they do this is to promote shopping at their store. The nice thing about going this route is that it will tell everyone where they can shop off the gift registry.


Idea Number Two


Dollar stores carry basic baby shower invitations. These cute printed designs usually come 6 for a dollar. This is a great way to save money on the invites that you will be sending out. You do not need anything that matches perfectly to theme of the party. Anything that is cute and announces the party will work for it.


Idea Number Three


You can create and print your own baby shower invitations on the computer. With a basic word processing program and some clip art, you can create your own personalized cards to send out to people. If you want to, you can include a picture of the mom to be on the invite as well. This will make the baby shower invitations that you send out that much more memorable.


There are many deals to be had on baby shower invitations. All you have to do is to keep your eyes open for sales and deals on getting the ones that you want. Make sure that you set a budget in mind and you will have no problem finding the right cards to save you money. If you want to cut costs all together, you can always choose to email the people on your guest list for the big party.