Where are the best places to meet women? Here is a general list of places to go when searching for women to talk with. The first place you can go to is your local coffee house. The more unassuming the place, the easier it is to talk with women. The reason why this tactic works so well is because the women aren't expecting men to talk with them in these locations whereas in a club setting, they are expecting guys to walk up to them left and right and buy them drinks. This means the women always has to stand guard and will have to be defensive as they think all the guys want to do is try and take them home at the end of the night. However, when you are in a setting, such as a coffee shop, it will be easier to talk with these women. Just simply ask a question (any question) and see if they are responsive. If their body position is facing you, you know that you have engaged the women interest and have a great chance of getting her number. A common rule is to look at the woman's feet. If they are facing in your direction, then it means that she has indicated that she is interested in you and wants to talk with you. If her body is not facing you and she is glancing around without making frequent eye-contact, then you know that she is not interested in you and that it's time to move on to another person.

Another great place to pick up women is through sports. If you are on the athletic side, then you can participate in local sporting groups and meet many athletic and great girls. The reason why this works so well is because everyone there is looking to meet new friends and the friendly and competitive atmosphere will make it easy for everyone to socialize. Plus, after the sporting event is over, you can all go out as a team for drinks and even create more rapport with the women. I've met many fantastic women by doing this and you can too if you are somewhat athletic or just like to play sports. Something simple as kickball will allow you to make new female acquaintances and will create more prospective female partners in the future. So dust off those sneakers and start participating in sports fatty! Meeting women is easy!