Malaga, One of the Top European Capitals for a City Break

A long weekend in Malaga, one of the most exciting cities in Spain is you best option if you want to escape from your busy life and get lost in a Spanish Paradise. Malaga offers everything you want from a vacation: an excellent variety of beaches (there are 16 beautiful beaches), museums, historical buildings and cultural holidays for the Art Lover. If you have not visited this beautiful place, treat yourself and enjoy all the attractions that Malaga offers to the visitor.

 Malaga attracts tourist from all over Europe thanks to the warm weather, over 300 days of sunshine, excellent restaurants and bars and a very vibrant night-life; recently named as one of the best places for a European City Break.


 Flamenco in AndalusiaCredit: Daniel M RamirezThe best place to start your visit is in the Old Town “Historic Centre of Malaga”; apart from the marble pavement and elegant shops you will find historic and cultural treasures in this part of the city; the best example is Picasso’s Casa Natal; this is the place of birth of Pablo Picasso (one of the most famous and recognised painters in the world); located in Plaza de la Merced, the historic building is now considered a monument to the life and work of Picasso. The best of the Southern Spanish gastronomy and hospitality will also be found in the Old Town; if possible, try to book a hotel room around this area.


Just a few minutes walk from Picasso’s Casa Natal you will find the Picasso Museum; opened in 2003 by the King and Queen of Spain, and located in the Palacio de Buenavista, this wonderful example of Andalusian Architecture offers an amazing collection of Picasso’s artwork: paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramic and illustrated books are just a few of the art pieces you will find in this 16th century landmark.


MalagaCredit: Daniel M RamirezOne of the most beautiful Renaissance Church; the Malaga Cathedral is located inside the limits of the Moorish wall. Even if you are not religious, a visit to this extraordinary and picturesque Cathedral is worthwhile; the spectacular ceiling with small cupolas, stained glass windows and cloister gardens, make the Malaga Cathedral one of the most beautiful church in Spain.  The Moorish Fortification “Alcazaba”, now houses the Archaeological Museum. The Fort was built in the 11th century and although the art of the architecture cannot be compared to “The Alhambra”; a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage is worthwhile.   


Your holiday in Malaga cannot be completed without a visit to “Playa de la Malagueta”; this urban beach located in the city centre is one of the most popular in the area. Other places you need to visit while you are in Malaga are: Plaza de Toros, Museum of Glass and Crystal, Kelipe Centro de Arte Flamenco and the Botanic Garden


La Malagueta in Malaga, Costa del Sol

Places to visit near Malaga

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