Baguio City, located at the northern part of the Philippines particularly in the Cordilleran Region, is called the Summer Capital of the Philippines due to its climate , geography, flora and fauna. Established by the Americans in 1909, it is frequently visited by both foreign and local tourists. Here are some places that have made tourists keep coming back for more. Burnham Park was well designed by Daniel Burnham an American architect who was one of the pioneers of Baguio. A man-made lake where boating could be experienced is the center of the park. Wright Park is a perfect place to enjoy horseback riding either in the said park or around the city proper. Botanical Garden settled at Leonard Wood Road, is a place where flowering plant pieces are seen. It was a long before an Igorot village thus some huts are still found in the site. The Mansion located still at Leonard Wood Road, is a home for Philippine presidents who visits Baguio for conference or vacation as well. It's in front of Wright Park's long rectangular pool where trees are at its sides. Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary located at Campo Sioco, is owned and designed by Maryknoll nuns. It has fourteen stations to let every visitors have an experience of the earth's deep interconnectedness. Philippine Military Academy (PMA) built in 1950 and has a land area of 373 hectares, houses future military men and military, naval and police officers of the country. The academy is found in Kias barangay. Camp John Hay is a former American military facility when the Philippines was under the US control that was used for rest and recreation for US military men. Today, Camp John Hay is place for golfing, camping, picnics and relaxation due to its atmosphere of pine trees all around. Mount Sto. Tomas, the highest peak in Baguio, is a best place for hiking and exploration. Tam-awan Village, when reaching at its peak, breathe taking views are seen. It is also home of Igorots huts are made for tourist attractions. Art works of Igorot artist also are seen at one hut, a main hut is at the entrance for information, souvenirs and cafes that served brewed Cordilleran coffees. BenCab is a museum that houses the permanent collection of Philippine National Artist Benedicto Cabrera (BenCab) in several galleries, as well as venues for art shows and exhibitions. The Philippine Contemporary Art Galleries highlight the artist's collection of paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture. The museum is not only a place for people to visit in it is also the nature parks that is within the museum and the café that serves fresh and natural food in an ambiance that both fills your stomachs and souls. BenCab musem is located at Asin Road. But these are not only the sites that tourist come and go in Baguio, there are still other more places like Session Road, Lourdes Grotto, Asin Hot springs, and a lot more. So if planning to have a vacation at Baguio City, three main highways will lead you to it, Kennon Road, Palispis Highway (Marcos Highway) or Naguillan Road. Kennon is the fastest route from Manila but dangerous during raining seasons due to landslides. Thus, Palispis Highway is a better route for such season.