Belgium is a small country in Western Europe. It is known as, "the battle field of Europe" by many historians because it served as a battle ground in the early 1940's. But nothing has diminished it's beauty and this makes it one of those places one should visit.
It is made of three regions namely:-

  • Flanders in the North which is mainly Dutch speaking
  • Wall0niain the south which is mainly French speaking
  • German part in the south eastern side of the country.This part was given to Belgium as a gift from the German territory because of the pain A.Hitler causes to the Belgians. Remember,the battle of Waterloo when the French and British liberated the Belgian!
So that's why Germany is one of the official languages. English is not an official language but shockingly most natives are bilingual so English is spoken often in public places like Airports,train stations,Schools and so on.

In the Flanders

There are places like Leuven and Ghent. There is one of the first Universties in Leuven. Ghent has prominent colleges and Universities. Belgium invests mainly in education and it ranks in the top 5 in Europe.
The Fluvial cruise
The Ly s river where you can cruise around with a very cool view of the coastline cites and it will head you to Ghent and Brugges but you can use the E'scaut River to reach Tournai and Bossuit.
Antwerp is one of the beautiful cities and there places like the Atomium in the photo below.

It has most of the visual aids showing us how Europe has changes over the years. It has a kids section,very flexible means to tour around like lifts,escalators and steps for those who love walking.
The Cuisines
There is a combination of cuisines from all the countries that share borders with Belgium like France,Germany and Luxembourg. Most of the names of places are either in French or Dutch like in this article.

The Wallonia

This part of Belgium has the best architectural structures like Grand place where great men like Marx and Engel sat to write down their Communist Manifestos.
Visit the oldest citizen of Bruxelles at Rue De I'Etuve this is a bronze statue symbolizing Belgian irreverence.
There are so many Hotels with very friendly staff and they take good care of you from the beginning to the end of your stay.
This is just an insight of what Belgium is but the list is endless. Do not forget to take a hot cup of chocolate when you visit Belgium.