You may not get a chance to visit N.Korea but it is a fascinating Country.

Demilitarized Zone

The demilitarized Zone is at the 38th Parallel. This is where the recognized border of North Korea and South Korea meet. The blue buildings belong to the United Nations and the larger building in the background in the picture above is owed by North Korea.

Monument to 3 Charters for National Reunification 

The Monument to Three Charters for National is a monument on the Pyongyang Highway. The Monument to 3 Charters for National Reunification is a monument that features 2 Korean women reaching across to each other. The women are dressed in traditional Korean Clothing and they represent the North and the South. The monument is supposed to show that all Korean people are of one people but they are unfortunately split into different Countries.

Puhung Station, Pyongyang Metro

The Puhung Station, Pyongyang Metro us the deepest metro subway in the entire World.

Arirang Mass Games

The Arirang Mass Games

Ryugyong Hotel

The beautiful Ryugyong Hotel is in the N.Korean City of 

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Korean Trains

The South Koreans and the North Koreans have a train system. The train depot shown above is in South Korea near the DMZ zone. Obviously the South Korea train does not go to North Korea but they are hopeful that the Countries can be reuinted one day and that is why this South Korean Train Station shows a departure for Pyongyang, North Korea. One day this may be where South Koreans can get onboard and visit their family in North Korea, but for now it is off limits.

 The Tomb of King. Tongmyong is where the ancient ruler of Tongmyong was buried. The original ruins were removed and the area was rebuilt with new buildings. There are numerous rulers and people of influence buried in this area but the  King Tongmyong is the most famous ruler. The king is the founder of the Koguryo Region of Korea --located about 20 miles south of Pyongyang.