Traveling to the Untied States for the first time may seem very overwhelming. The Country is huge. Their largest State is Alaska and that State alone may be bigger than the entire Country you are from. There is no way you can explore everything when you visit the United States. The Country is huge and spread out. The best thing to do is too pick out one region or area that interests you and then spend your vacation in that section of the Country. Here are some of the areas and regions of the United States you may find interesting to visit on your Vacation.


Alaska is a place that has to be visited alone. There is no way you can explore all of the United State and Alaska in on trip. Alaska is not connected to the States that make up most of the United States land. Alaska is huge and there is no way you can explore the entire State on one trip much less trying to combine with visiting other States.

Alaska will be more expensive than other States. One inexpensive way to get a taste of Alaska is to on an Alaskan cruise. This will allow you to see and learn about Alaska first hand. Once you experience the coastal areas by cruise ship you may then get the urge to travel inward and explore the interior of this amazingly large State on a future visit.

Las Vegas and Southern California

Las Vegas is a must visit destination for people who are visiting the South Western area of the Country. It is a day’s drive from the San Diego area also. You can easily spend time in Las Vegas and then drive out to Southern California and visit Disney Land, Universal Studios, and then even head down to Mexico for a day of cheap shopping.

If you are interested in seeing some of the Western States then this makes a great region to Visit. During the summer it can get extremely hot in the Las Vegas area but it will be worth it as all of the casinos are air-conditioned. When you hit the beaches in and near San Diego you will have the babes in bikinis to flirt with as well as an old wooden roller coaster to ride.

New York

Everybody knows about New York. Everybody knows somebody who moved to New York. New York is a great place that a lot of first time visitors to the United States like to visit. If you have never been to the United States then a visit to New York will be truly awesome. Of you are looking for the heart of the Country and the iconic open Country of the Western States then you will not get that in New York City. You will however get a lot of amazing things that are not available in any other American City.


If you want to visit a larger City but want to see a lot of historical buildings and learn a lot about the history of the American Revolution then a visit to Boston and the surrounding area will definitely fulfill your wishes.

Boston is basically the home of the America Revolution when they rebelled against the British. While in Boston you can see some old pubs taverns, and other historic buildings that are still standing from the colonial period. Many of these buildings have large modern buildings and neighborhoods that have grown up right around them

While in Boston you must visit Fenway Park and catch a Boston Red Sox baseball game.


Florida is a unique state. The Southern portion of the State is loaded with beautiful beaches and beautiful women. When you go up North you can see areas with wild deer running loose. In Florida you should visit Gator World where you can get up close and personal with alligators. Think Disney Land but Alligators instead of Mickey Mouse and friends. If you still prefer Mickey Mouse you can still see him and his friends at Disney World in Florida. There is a lot you can see and do in the State of Florida.


Texas is huge. It is not as big as Alaska though. Texas can be extremely hot in the summer times but there are a lot of cool things to see and do in this wonderfully unique State. Former American president George W. Bush lives here in Texas. Texas has a lot to see and do. One of the very popular tourist sites here is the Alamo and the 6 Flags over Texas amusement park.


Seattle, Washington and Portland Oregon in the Northwestern United States are great places to visit. This area is referred to as the Pacific Northwest. When in Seattle you are only a short drive from Northern California so you can shoot on down there and also see the Giant Redwood trees.

This region is known for getting a lot of rain but it rarely gets super-hot here in the summer time. Seattle is home to a professional baseball team with eh Seattle Mariners.

The Space Needle is one of the most popular destinations as is the fish market. The fish market is a must visit place for any tourist. The Seattle Fish market is where they still throw the fish at the customer, literally. There is a lot of excitement and action going on here in this area. It is truly an amazing place to see.

If you like to ride bicycles then Seattle will make you feel right at home. Getting to Seattle is very easy as the Seattle Airport is a major airport that connects up with all of the major airports so you can easily get a flight back home regardless of where you are from.

The true beauty of the North West can be found just outside of the City limits. If you like trees then you will be amazed at how many pretty evergreen trees grow in this City.