Okay, so you’ve locked yourself out of your car and either deemed it unsafe to stay with your car until your help has arrived or decided that it will take too long for help to arrive to wait with your vehicle.  Here are a couple suggestions of where to go while you wait .

Retail Outlet
A store is a superb spot to go when you are awaiting your assistance. Stores provide a safe place for you to wait and “shop.” Also they are manned with employees that may be able to offer you assistance if you need anything while you wait (for example a phone to call for assistance).

Much like stores, restaurants provide a safe spot to go while you are waiting for assistance. Unlike stores, however, you might be expected to purchase food or drinks while you wait. However, a hot cup of coffee or green tea is nice way to get warm if you have locked your car keys in your vehicle during inclement weather conditions. As a further bonus, you are more prone to be engaged in a nice chat with a waiter or fellow guest while you wait for your assistance.

Gas Station 
Despite the fact that this isn't as cozy as other places, gas stations are typically manned 24x7. In some instances, a gas station may be the only business open whenever you notice you have locked yourself out of your automobile. At minimum, this can provide you a place to get out of harm’s way if you were locked out.

A Friend’s House 
If you are “lucky” enough to lock yourself outside of your car or truck near a friend’s residence, stopping by for a visit is a fantastic way to pass the time while you wait for help to show up.

The Telephone 
As a last resort, if you do not have somewhere available to go, call a friend or relative on your mobile phone and stay on the phone until your assistance has showed up. An assailant is far less likely to approach you if you are on the telephone. Furthermore, in case you are involved in a mishap, someone is instantly alerted.

These are just some of the places you can go when lock your keys in your car. There are plenty of others, as well. The most important thing to ensure is that you are safe and feel comfortable.