Brighton, Visit the Iconic and Vibrant Attractions or the Shopper's Paradise (The Lanes)

Brighton is only one hour away by train from London, but it feels like if you are in a completely different country, especially if you visit this vibrant and exiting seaside town on a sunny day.  The magic of this enchanting city begins as soon as you arrive to the train station, where you will find a massive market in the car park (normally on Sundays).

 The cosmopolitan and raffish air in Brighton is one of the main attractions, the free spirit of its people; the beautiful beachside and colourful houses with sea-views has attracted artists from all over England; you will find one of the most extensive art community in the country; the area also offers excellent shopping opportunities, bars, great hotels and fantastic places to eat, ranging from cafes on the beachside to elegant restaurants in one of the many five star hotels.


BrightonCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

In just a few words Brighton is an extraordinary and one of the best cities by the sea, it has a feverish nightlife, fun and full of energy that will attract you thanks to its unique and fun approach to life.

 There are a variety of attractions that will keep you busy; Brighton is full of things to see and do; however, the greatest enjoyment is a simple walk on the beach or the streets of the beautiful city; the street performers and alternative lifestyles will keep you entertained. 


Brighton Pier

Your visit should start in the Brighton Marina and Palace Pier; this is Brighton’s only pier and one of the largest in Europe; it offers a variety of food and drinks courts as well as good restaurants and bars; you will find something to do or enjoy; plus, it will always be a special treat for the little ones as the pier is a truly fun family entertainment centre, it has fantastic rides for children, as well as roller coasters for the grown-ups; if the weather is not good you can still enjoy yourself in the Palace of Fun, this is packed with machines, ranging from the classic ones (Pacman, Elvis and Kash Kong) to one of the first ones in the UK (Super Bikes)


Brighton PierCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

This is a “must visit” if you are in Brighton; it is an all year around attraction and opens everyday at 10am.


Royal Pavilion

This exotic looking palace has become one of the two main iconic attractions linked to the identity of the city; it has a unique character and the striking and interesting external architecture is matched by its flamboyant and amusing interior; the palace was built and decorated to impress; it is furnished with French, English and Chinese furniture and objects (dragons, palm tress, etc); each one of the rooms has something special and unique; I was particular astonished by the Music, the Banqueting and the Royal reception rooms. The whole palace is a unique and outstanding “work of art”.


Royal PavilionCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

 It was completed in 1823 and built for the Prince Regent.


Brighton Lanes

It is a shopper’s paradise; bursting with places to eat, boutiques and independent shops; even if you do not enjoy shopping the funky cafes and restaurants and the vibrant people will attract you.

 The Lanes is the historic quarter of Brighton; if possible you should take a Brighton City Walking Tour, you will be fascinated discovering the history and heritage of this area.         


Arts in Brighton

The main event in the city is the Brighton Festival, normally held in the Brighton Artists Quarters (between the two piers). Thousands of people attend the festival each year.

The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery offers to the public some of the finest Victorian painting collections as well as a broad collection of Art Deco furniture (Free entry).


Night-life in the city

This is one of the strong points of Brighton; the free-spirit and fun characters of its people as well the many students in the area has helped the night-life in Brighton to be considered one of the most lively in the United Kingdom. If you enjoy a night out this is the place to be.


Gay and Lesbian community

The “Gay capital of the United Kingdom” is one of the most cosmopolitan and liberal cities in the country; Brighton is known for having a large and friendly LGBT community.  The Gay Pride carnival normally attracts thousands of people from all over the country; it is held in the month of August in Preston Park.


Brighton BeachCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

Brighton is a unique city and the perfect place to go if you want to escape from the busy city life or if you want a fantastic night out; it offers something for everyone.


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