The Dungeons of London

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When people think of the dark history London is steeped in, the frightful Dungeons come first in mind. With 1000 gory years of hair-curling history bathed in blood, 11 actor-cast shows and 2 bone chilling rides, you are educated about the Dungeons as you peek into their sordid past and feel the experience that thousands of condemned souls have years before your time.  Feel the brush of death upon the back of your neck and the breath of ghosts upon your skin in the Labyrinth of Lost Souls, or small the sulfur burn through the city as you live through The Great Plague. Horror movie enthusiast will love The Torture Chamber, examine medieval devices destined for cruelty, or have a look at the Surgery: Blood & Guts exhibit!

Getting to the Dungeons

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Getting to the Dungeons is easier now than ever, and you don’t have to commit a crime to come see our ghastly past! With 10 buses coming to and from all through the day, you have plenty of chances to catch a ride above ground. If you prefer to travel sub-terra, the British Rail and London Underground, Northern and Jubilee Lines, are a mere 100 meters away.  We are 400 meters from Monument /Bank Station, or you could get to us through the Docklands Light Railway in the famous London Underground!

Finding the Dungeons

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The Dungeons of London are located in another infamous staple of history, the London Bridge. Walk the length of the London Bridge and experience the harrowing tales and spine tingling action of the Dungeons as your heart threatens to beat out of your chest. The London Dungeons are under a minute from the London Bridge Station and the tube, located on the river Thames, addressed at 28-34 Tooley St., London.

Admission Costs


Admission to the Dungeon used to be free, but you were never allowed to leave. Simple admission costs are charged by age, and now you can choose Standard Entrance or Priority Entrance. Adults age 16+ for standard entrance and priority entrance is £16-£23. Children ages 4-15 are £12-£17, and special student pricing runs from £14- £21.54. Save yourself the torture of waiting in line and but your Priority tickets to the London Dungeon online today! You could also save your wallet the pain by getting a group discount on 10 or more people. If you add multiple attraction tickets in conjunction with The Dungeon, you could save up to 30% off!


The Dungeons of London beckon to have you as a temporary guest, Explore 100 years or deceit, murder, torture and pain as you walk through the veil of time with Jack the Ripper, infamous mass murderer, or watch as Bloody Mary, once Queen of Scots, punishes non-believers and burns a Dungeon Tourist at the stake, complete with realistic skin sizzling smells, hair raising fire and pin-drop silence. Visit Mrs. Lovett and her meat pies and get a haircut from the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd. The dungeons of London call to you from the dark, engaging and horrid past, ready to engage your every fear.

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