Half a Day Trip to Batu Caves

The Batu Caves are one of the main and most popular tourist attractions near the capital, Kuala Lumpur or as it is known KL. Batu Caves is located 13km north of KL; the easiest way to get there is by train from KL Sentral (located in the city centre), however there are buses that will take you there in less than an hour.

Batu Caves are a majestic cavern complex set on a breathtaking limestone hill in the state of Selangor. There are three main caves and a few smaller ones; the size and splendour of the largest cave, known as the temple cave or cathedral cave, has been compared to a grand cathedral and it is now one of the most important shire outside India dedicated to Lord Murugan (Hindu God – considered to be the son of the Hindu God of destruction and the brother of Lord Ganesh, the most famous elephant headed god in India).


Batu Caves in MalaysiaCredit: Daniel M Ramirez


Although the caves are outstanding, many visitors believe that the most impressive thing is located just outside the caves; you will find the world’s tallest golden statue of Lord Murugan with a total height of 42.7 metres.


In order to reach the religious and magnificent caves you have to climb 272 steps; they are quite steep, but luckily there are several landings where you can rest for a few minutes to take a breath and admire the fantastic view (this could be your workout for the week).

Batu Cave - monkeysCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

As you go up the stairs, you will find long-tailed monkeys; be aware that if you have food, peanuts or any kind of fruit they might behave in a naughty and playful way and go for it; however this is always a good opportunity to take a few good pictures, especially when they are carrying their babies.

Thaipusam Festival (late January or early February) 

The Batu Caves is possible the most important pilgrimage site in the country and a sacred place for the Hindus in Malaysia. Hindus pilgrims from all over the world normally assist to the Thaipusam festival (celebration for the son of Shiva). It is estimated that the assistance reaches as many as one million devotees and other visitors interested in this incredible ceremony; many believers normally pierce the skin, cheeks and tongues with the expectation of receiving favour from their Gods.


Batu Caves - Hindu devoteesCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

Art in the Caves

At the bottom of the hill you will find the Art Gallery Cave and Museum Cave; they are packed with Hindu statues and paintings; this is a must if you enjoy arts; you can take a look at fascinating paintings depicting scenes from Hindu lords and statues.



Altar in Batu CavesPainting in Batu CavesCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

If you are in KL for more that two days, you must visit Batu Caves; this could be a half day trip that you will definitely enjoy; just be aware that many people find hard climbing all the stairs.


I highly recommend any traveller to visit Malaysia; it is a great country, there are astounding attractions, it is safe, beautiful and not expensive.

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