Places you must visit if you're coming to Singapore

If you're headed to Singapore for business, leisure or just to check out the sunny island, here are some places you must visit to make the most of your trip.

1) Orchard Road. No trip to Singapore is complete without a visit to Orchard Road - The shopping belt of Singapore, and the dream of shopaholics far and wide. 2 km of pure shopping pleasure for the male and females, young and the old. Need a quick bite? There are plenty of eateries, cafes for you to chill out, rest your tired legs or tuck into some local fare.

2) Changi Village. Tucked away in the east of the island is a sleepy neighbourhood that comes alive in the evenings and nights. There is a hawker centre at changi village that boasts the best Nasi Lemak (rice with chicken wing, scrambled eggs and ikan bilis) in Singapore and they do indeed live up to their reputation. Get ready to wait 10 mins to place your order though. Stay at CV late into the night and you'll see the transvestites, and some females start to ply their trade. They line up along the road around the car park and try to entice drivers or passer-bys. Best to do would be pass right along and nothing's gonna happen.

3) East coast and West coast park. These are the 2 most popular coastal areas that people hang out at both on weekends and weekdays. You'll get to see frisbee players, soccer teams, friendly dogs and their owners at both places, more so at West coast park on the weekends. If cycling or in-line skating is your thing, hop over to east coast park to rent a bike and try lapping up the 20 over km worth of road. After which, stop by Marine Cove, the central gathering place at east coast park for a game of bowling or some great seafood.

4) Singapore zoo & night safari. A trip to any country is never complete without seeing the vast array of animals they have at the zoo. Singapore zoo is located at the north of the island, and is a great place to spend the day at. There are plenty of animal shows, which are very entertaining and makes for great family fun. It is one of the bigger zoos in SE-Asia so be prepared for quite some walking. Head over to the night safari after a day at the zoo for more animal fun. There'll only be guided tours this time round because it'll be late into the evening/night and the predators are out! It's a totally different experience from visiting the zoo in the morning because you'll get to see plenty of nocturnal animals, which will certainly be an eye opener.