Undermount kitchen sinks are common place amongst most house holds and can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They have a distinctive feature from a standard kitchen sink as the edge of a undermount sink is made so it is leveled with the counter to leave a flat smooth surface. To ad a little elegance to your unermount sink, placing water proof tiles around the sink and bench top will give that much more style and compliment the sink to it's surroundings. This article will touch how you can easily place tiles around your undermount with next to no effort, it's really quite a simple job and the finishing look will have your visitors looking with envy.

Your first step is to measure and shape the tiles that will surround the sinks edge you can either get the tiles pre- cut and measured by a tradesman or simply do it your self. To do this you will need to measure your tiles before the sink is placed on the counter top so the bench is hallow and shows just the shape of of where the sink is to be placed. Grabbing one of your square tiles, place it on the corner or the edge of where the sink will go so it slightly overlaps, use a leveler to make sure it is dead straight. Now with a permanent marker mark the shape of the tile from underneath so it should have a half curved shape. Do this to all four corners until you have four tiles marked out. Once you have done this than use a wet saw cutter to cut the tiles to their proper shape.

Make sure these tiles are straight and true as you will lay down the rest of your tiles using those ones as markers. OK the next step is to permanently place your four tiles down with a strong adhesive glue to securely bond your tiles to the counter top, if your tiles are laid straight then all you need to do is start placing your tiles down one at a time until they meet at each corner, lay them in a way where they meet at in the middle. If you find that when you reach the middle the last bit is too small for the last tile then simply cut to fit, it should be a square cut no matter how large or small it is don't worry too much about overlapping on the counter top edges as this ca be easily cut, as long as everything is straight from the start. There are other methods that can be found on the internet concerning placing tiles around an undermount kitchen sink this is but one of them.