Fireplace ambiance

Placing a decorative fireplace in a small space is a dream for many renters with limited apartments or lofts. Consider this idea if you are one of the many in New York City that adore the excitement of the big city but are limited financially on where you can reside. We sometimes think that we cannot realize everything we want in such a limited space, referring to an apartment. But either way we can adapt the already existent dimensions--in such a manner--to create the space we really want with added furniture, plants or some mounted bookshelves on one wall of the room.

Buy an encased fireplace that is electric and rekindle your place in a cozy, romantic way. There are many types and sizes to choose from. Due to their increasing demand they have become more reasonable. Splurge if you must for it is well worth it, for many years. Take it with you when you move or hold out for a fair compensation from the apartment owner. This is a smart, real-fireplace replacement, an object that usually takes up a lot of space and requires unwanted modifications, the ash cleaning is a chore and expense to keep it safe.

Decorated Holiday fireplace

A fireplace can be placed in a corner of a room or it could be linked with some mounted bookshelves.

Take the room dimensions, make a design sketch for the fireplace, bookshelves and other furniture--to scale. Some may wish to have a custom-made fireplace and mantel. For a tall room, build a tall fireplace, or a small intricate wood-carved one for extremely small living rooms. Keep in mind ventilation if you go with a type that will require this, for this you will need a professional. Create nooks to store fire wood that will have a decorative purpose, also for fire tools made of brass with horse-head handles. Bring the rustic image closer to you, choose a country, modern or Victorian theme. Retro sixties would be fun. A basic fireplace design can be like a blank canvas for your future decorative inspirations.

Think creativity when placing a decorative fireplace in a small space. Take before and after pictures or footage, be astonished at your home decorating talents. Go on to more challenging projects in your small space while enjoying the succulent and sensuousness of a charming fireplace. Throw a party for your friends to enjoy the heat and celebrate the completion of your passionate project.