Cheap wedding


You may have set the date for your wedding and with today's economy, who can afford anything but a cheap wedding. There are lots of ways to save money! Whether it's your first wedding or your third wedding, everyone is looking to save some money.

 The first thing you must do when planning a inexpensive wedding is decide as a couple what is most important and what you can live without. You will have to make these choices and it's better to decide on them first. Please note, that planning a cheap wedding doesn't mean your wedding will look cheap but it will cost you less with still the class you want it to portray.

 When it comes to the wedding gown there are lots of ways to save money on them. You can have one made by a friend or family member who is an excellent seamstress. You could wear a family wedding gown if it's special enough and that would cost almost nothing except cleaning and alterations. You might consider renting one, as that has been a popular trend these days. If you purchase your wedding gown, try to visit quite a few places before you decide. There are a wide range of prices out there and all types of gowns to choose from. You can also purchase discontinued gowns from major wedding gown shops which are marked way down.

 When it comes to flowers, silk arrangements are cheaper than fresh flower arrangements. Silk arrangements can be made by hand yourself if you have the talent or know a friend or family member who will help you. To make a cheap wedding in regards to Silk flower arrangements, they can be made months ahead of time and stored until the wedding. This will save you lots of money on your wedding expenses. You can also hire craft stores like A.C. Moore and Michael's Crafts to do your silk arrangements. 

Plan A Cheap Wedding

Whether you hire a professional or an amateur photographer, the choice is yours. It would be a lot cheaper obviously to hire someone who is not a professional, but it's all about preference and what is important to you.

 One way to save big on the cake would be to make a small cake which is very nicely decorated and then have sheet cakes made for the guests. The special cake is saved for the cake cutting and the sheet cakes remain in the kitchen area, ready to cut. It will make your cake cost at least in half and save you a bundle.


wedding cake

To cut corners on wedding favors, you can easily make them as well as the centerpieces for the reception, with the help of some friends or your bridal party. Whatever your theme is, you can come up with a candle centerpiece or silk flower centerpiece with your wedding theme. If you don't have any creative juices, look online, there are a ton of places that will ship these types of items right to your doorstep.

The Hall Rental & Catering - These are one of the highest costs of weddings. If you can get a hall cheap enough and have the food brought in by the caterer, it may save you some money. Renting a church hall can be cheaper than most places. The other alternative is that everyone brings a dish, if you have friends and family that don't mind this. There are many weddings run in this fashion which have turned out very nice. Why should a married couple start out in debt? These days, there are lots of couples paying for their own weddings, especially if they are second marriages. The best wedding is one that you don't owe anyone anything! If you are including alcohol at your reception, you may have to plan a lot more money. This is even more reason to begin to plan a cheap wedding.