Whether you are traveling in your country or planning an international trip, you want to make plans that will ensure that you are safe.  There are a ton of suggestions that you can follow but the most important suggestion is to always use common sense.

Know Your Destination

Before you take a trip makes sure that you adequately prepare.  You need to make sure that you know the local laws and customs.  Sometimes breaking a custom could get you in a lot of trouble and if you are in a different country it could be very problematic. 

Prepare For Departure

Taking a trip is usually an exciting task.  However many people forget the importance of proper preparation.  You should plan a detailed itinerary for your visit.  This itinerary should include the method of transportation that you will take to get to each destination. While you may want to leave a little room for exploration, you also want to be prepared for the trip.  Suitcases

Communicate Your Plans

While you may think it could be fun to travel the world without the interference of other people, this could actually be dangerous.  Part of a proper safety plan is communicating your plans to others.  Before you leave for your vacation you should leave an itinerary, a copy of your passport, and contact information with someone that you trust.  Throughout your trip you should contact this person so that they know that everything is fine.  If you are in a foreign country it is particularly important that you check in with someone that is still in your country.  If you get into trouble, you will likely need to reach out to this person to help you.

Carry Proper Currency

When you take a trip you need to bring the appropriate amount of money.  If you are in your country, this will require that you plan the amount of money that you should spend on the trip.  You should always carry a small denomination of cash with you even if you can still use your credit card.  If you are in a foreign country you should consider using cash or travelers checks.  Although it may be possible for you to use credit cards, you should remember that using your card could result in extra fees. 

Carry Proper Identification

It is important that you carry proper identification with you at all times.  Make sure that you keep a close eye on your passport and other forms of identification.  You can keep your forms of identification in your purse or backpack until you are asked to produce it.  It is important not to flash your passport around, because it may make you a target.  It may be worth your time to invest in a travel organizer, to organize all your information in one place.

Dress Appropriately

When you travel you need to dress for the appropriate season and surroundings.  Your apparel should not be something that would attract unnecessary attention.  Dress in a manner that fits the guidelines of your hotel and the places that you will visit.  Do not wear expensive jewelry or jewelry that could be interpreted as expensive. 

Mind Your Manners

In most cultures people are willing to assist travelers if they ask kindly.  In a difficult situation, knowledge from a local individual could be an indispensable aid.  

Have Fun

After you take the proper precautions, you will be ready to enjoy a fun trip.