Celebrate the 4th of July with good friends and neighbors.

There's nothing quite like a pancake breakfast in the morning to start this busy holiday off right!

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The 4th of July is the perfect time to host an early morning breakfast for your neighborhood.  As the day progresses people are hurrying to attend parades, ball games, picnics, firework celebrations, and many other exciting events.  Starting the day off with a good breakfast will be appreciated by all. 

It takes advance planning to have a successful event and there are many considerations that you will need to take into account when planning your breakfast.  We will address all of these considerations in this article. 

Where to have the breakfast:  The 4th of July is typically a beautiful time of year for an outdoor breakfast so why not host it in your back yard?  You will need space to set up tables and chairs for eating, cooking grills, and serving tables.  If it looks like you might have bad weather, clear out the garage and set everything up in there or set up a portable shelter.  If all else fails, rent a shelter in a nearby park.  This will probably need to be done well in advance of a big holiday like the 4th of July and will add cost to your celebration breakfast.

What to eat:  Your budget will probably be a consideration on this point.  A good hearty breakfast for a crowd is actually pretty inexpensive to prepare.  You will want to have pancakes and eggs of course.  Add hashbrowns and sausage or bacon and you have a complete breakfast.  You will also need to include orange juice and milk for beverages.  Don't forget the condiments such as butter, syrup, ketchup, jam, salsa, sour cream, whip cream, and salt and pepper.  You can always add extra's such as cinnamon rolls, sausage gravy for the hashbrowns, and fresh fruit.  Ask for donations to your breakfast or go potluck.

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Inviting the guests:  If you are planning a neighborhood breakfast then make sure you include everyone!  You might want to set some boundaries within your area but make sure that you don't leave anyone out.  A simple way to invite your neighbors is to post a flyer on their doors.  Keep it simple.  Ask a youngster to help make and post the invitations. 

Cooking suggestions:  If available, use large flat grills on gas burners and barbeques.  You can cook everything on these grills.  If these are not available cook the pancakes on smaller household electric grills.  Make scrambled eggs and cook the hashbrowns and meat ahead of time and put in crock pots to keep warm. 

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Add simple 4th of July decorations:  Use inexpensive red, white, and blue plastic tablecloths.  Set out small American flags in cans that have been sprayed painted red and blue.  Paint rocks red, white and blue and decorate with stars and stripes.  These will hold down the tablecloths in windy weather as well as looking patriotic.  Involve the children in making these simple decorations. 

Get help:  Have a meeting and involve your friends and neighbors in the planning and costs of the breakfast.  Your neighbors will not be offended if they are asked to bring simple food items such as syrup or butter.  Sharing the costs and the work with others will make this 4th of July breakfast much more enjoyable. 

Additional Suggestions and tips:

  • Borrow folding tables and chairs from your neighbors and set them up the day before.
  • Set up grills and serving tables.
  • You will need to have paper plates, utensils, napkins and cups. 
  • Make sure you have tablecloths if the tables are older. 
  • Plan to wash the tables and chairs in the morning before you begin serving.

Enjoy the morning with your friends and neighbors.  All great events will hit snags but don't let it discourage you if you have poor weather or poor attendance.  If you have fun putting this together consider making it an annual event and pretty soon you will have everyone in your neighborhood looking forward to your 4th of July neighborhood breakfast.