Are you looking to learn how to plan a high tea time menu? High tea time has been used for centuries by the English as the proper setting to meet with someone to talk. This could be used as an opportunity to simply talk with friends and family, but it was also used to discuss important business and matters of state. I am sure that everyone has suffered some difficulty in choosing the perfect setting to meet someone to talk. Lunch can seem too rushed, dinner can seem too formal, and not everyone appreciates an after hours drink in a crowded and loud bar. If you want to impress a guest consider planning a high tea meeting. Follow the instructions below to learn how to plan a classy and exciting high tea time menu for your guests.

High Time Tea Selection

The most important item on a high tea menu is, of course, the tea itself. There are many assorted varieties of tea to choose from. You can offer anything from a common type of tea called Orange Pekoe (which is what you ordering when you order regular tea anywhere) to something along the lines of "Early Grey Enlightenment Plum Mint Medley" or some other exotic taste. Try to select a type of English tea that you find appealing to your personal palette. If you enjoy it, then you can certainly be confident that your guests will find it intriguing as well.

However, if you have several guests coming over, it is always helpful to offer several different flavors of English tea to choose from. Good English tea selection is the most important part of your menu, so why not let you guests choose what they want to drink? If all of your guests agree on a particular flavor, then brew a pot of that flavored tea. If not, give each guest his or her own unique blend of their choice, and simply keep a kettle of hot water nearby to refill their cups.

English Tea that is used in high tea time menus typically comes in two forms. Loose tea is often popular with men of ill repute and can be purchased in bags like ground coffee. It looks like fine or lumpy tobacco. Tea balls or teabags are the familiar packets of thin, white paper surrounding a cup's worth of tea.

If you decide to carry loose tea in your high tea time menu, and your guests opt for several different flavors, you should use a tea infuser for each guest. These are the small, steel or silver balls that have many holes and are on chains. They actually come in many different types, but generally look like a large, spherical salt-shaker top with a thin chain. You pack the loose tea in close it, and hang it in the teacup for the steeping.

High Time Food to Accompany the Tea

Now that you know what type of tea to include on your high tea time menu, it is time for high tea time food selection. The food served at tea is generally light snacks and desserts--basically, anything that can be held between the finger and thumb.

If general, a high tea time food menu may consist of a small, hot dish but in general all dishes are served cold. As a side note, this does not entail that you should leave a hot dish out until it becomes cold.

There are a lot of great for all of the edible elements you can employ. Game, chicken and/or ham are popular as a spread or as finger sandwiches. Salads and fresh fruit as also popular high tea time menu options.

High tea time menu favorites though are usually sweets. Popular options would be to include several types of cakes, breads, fruit tarts, custards, cream puffs. Choose some or put together an eclectic combination of anything listen above and display the foods in an attractive fashion. With your great english tea and selection of food on you high tea time menu, your guests will have a great time!