When you plan for your dream-vacation you need to set goals and stick to them.Money does not grow on trees; it takes dedication and determination to save money these days for your dream of another vacation.Decide where you want to go and put a picture of this on your refrigerator, in your wallet, or behind the front door so you can see it before you go on a spending spree.


Before you do anything, work out where your dream-vacation with a budget will take you. How long you will be away and how much it is going to cost you.Allow at least one hundred dollars a day spending; this will of course depend on the type of vacation you are planning.Take that into consideration, as sightseeing vacations will cost you more than camping by the river, where you may only need food and fishing tackle for example.


Now that you have a rough idea of the expense worked out, divide the amount needed by the number of weeks you have on which to save that amount.This will give you a gauge as to how much you have to save every single week.



Spend wise without waste



Saving money means going without those extra coffees, chocolates and those things you can do without to increase your savings and make the dream-vacation a reality. Look for specials when shopping that will save you on food.Instead of buying all those cleaning products that are made up of fifty percent water in many cases make your own.Or better still use bi-carbonate of soda, vinegar and bleach.This will save you a lot of money.


When you go shopping remember to plan for your dream-vacation with a budget. That is if you really want your dream-vacation. Look at the prices of the cleaning products which you buy. Make a list of the cost, and then checkout how much a bottle of vinegar, bleach and a packet of bi-carbonate of soda will cost you.Work out the savings and put that into your dream-vacation savings account.


Turn off any power at the power sockets when not in use.The washing machine, the microwave, printer all use power even when not in use. Reduce the length of your showers.Turn lights off when not in rooms. Turn air conditioners and heaters off when going out.Whatever you save on your gas and electricity account from the last account add it to your dream-vacation savings account.



Credit Cards or a dream-vacation with a budget


Stop using your credit cards immediately.That's right. It will be useless to budget for your dream-vacation and then book things up on your credit card.Start budgeting by using your head, and deciding which is more important, your dream-vacation or that pair of beautiful red shoes that are on special.


Planning your dream-vacation should include not using your credit card while you are on vacation.What is the point on going away at all if you are going to blow out a debt on your credit card? You do not want to cause a heart attack by worrying how on earth you are going to pay for that great holiday when you come back.That will defeat the purpose of the holiday in the first place.


Work together as a family



Put a copy of your budget on the refrigerator. Encourage the children to take part in this too.After all they will benefit from this family vacation as well. Ask them for ideas on ways that they can save money by going without something.They can put these savings into a little tin or jar as extra money to spend as they wish.Encourage them to save their pocket money.This will also be good and help them learn the value of money.


No income while away



If you are going away for two weeks, you need to factor in that you will not be earning any wage while you are on vacation.You will already have your holiday pay in your hand and this will disappear very quick.Remember to allow for this if you have repayments to make on the car or house loan while away.

Wherever you have decided to go this year I hope this plan for your dream-vacation with a budget will help you to make that dream come true.